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Okay, so we just recently moved and the house we bought had a dedicated home theater in the basement, nothing crazy fancy, but nice. 16x15' room with acoustic ceiling tiles and can lights. The guy built out a nice recessed screen (about 110") and painted the surrounds black. The 5.1 setup I had in the old living room just isn't going to cut it in this larger space RB-51 mains, RC-52 center channel and RB-10 rears. It just doesn't fill the room enough to match the huge visuals. Soooo...I came back to the forums and did some reading up. After much debate (and experimentation) I have decided to do a DIY AT screen and mount the speakers into the wall behind the screen. I was going to just keep the RC-52 center channel which is pretty darn good and just upgrade the fronts to RB-61' IIs, but then I started reading about people using 3 identical speakers as LCR speakers. So I decided to run my own test listening to a sample soundtrack with center speaker on only and switch between them all to hear the differences. I plan to run this test this week and I will be sure to post the results. My preliminary tests are leaning toward a vertically oriented center channel versus bookshelf, but I will be sure to post a comparison and let you know how the speakers stack up. I don't have any measuring equipment, but if anyone wants me to test something specific LMK!

Pictured from left to right:
RC-62 II
RB-81 II
RB-61 II
RB-51 (probably won't test this one unless someone wants a comparison)
RB-10 (sooo cute! I won't bother testing this one either. Ha.) biggrin.gif