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New house, need to find a receiver, totally new at this

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Just moved into a new house with my wife. The living room already has a set up for 5.1 surround sound wired into the walls. I do not have a receiver, nor do I know about them. I will mainly be playing everything off of a media center computer with HDMI out and we do have an Xbox as well.

Imgur link to a gallery with the current layout

I'm in the US, west coast. Looking for the two front speakers, a sub and a receiver to make it all work. I would think my budget would be around $500, but I am open to suggestions.
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First, you'll likely want to seriously consider rotating your couch counter-clockwise 90 degrees and center the main listening area between the in-ceiling surround speakers. Next, stop by and visit the Best Buy stores in your area as they are clearing out last year's models and will likely have great deals on AVRs, speakers, and subs. Last year's Denon 1712 is going for $199 or lower in some stores.

So then, $200 for the AVR leaves $300 for the FL/FR speakers and sub. Here's one option ....

8" Subwoofer (Monoprice) - $57 http://www.monoprice.com/products/product.asp?c_id=109&cp_id=10906&cs_id=1090602&p_id=8248&seq=1&format=2

FL/FR Speaker pair - $200 http://www.amazon.com/Polk-Audio-TSi100-Bookshelf-Speakers/dp/B00192KF12/ref=sr_1_3?s=aht&ie=UTF8&qid=1352212951&sr=1-3&keywords=polk+bookshelf+speaker+pair+%3C+%24200

Total cost - roughly $500

You may also want to take your speaker budget into the "Speakers" forum for more suggestions.
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So I would look for a 2011 model for the avr?

What makes one better than another? What are things that you are looking at to base your decision on what is better?
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Review post #2 of the Denon AVR-XX12 Owner's thread linked in my sig to see a comparison of last year's Denon models.
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The 2 in ceiling speakers are Pinnacle K8 I took one down and googled the writing on the back of the speaker.

The center speaker I would assume is the NXG NX-W5.2-LCR-P
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Where would you find last year's model 1712?
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Originally Posted by h2ojunkie View Post

Where would you find last year's model 1712?

Best Buy stores are clearing them out.
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1712 are no longer available from what I can tell. What would be your second suggestion?
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jds if its anything like last year best buy might have the early black frriday prices early online. last year i payed the black friday price early for some 3 to 5 dollar video games. maybe a best buy magnolia store is near him that he can check out also.
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jds would newegg.cm have any good deals on last years models for him?
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newegg.com i mean sorry
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You could buy 2 more of the nxg speakers and install them in the wall. As it stands it looks like you are going to have an annoying situation due to one side of the TV having a countertop and the other not. So its like 2 book shelfs with 1 stand or something.

Also you can get the polk monitor series at newegg for way less than the TSI series and they are esentially the same. For instance the monitor 40s are just $120. However I do not know if they will match your center channel. It is so weird that they took the time to install the center channel in the wall but not the front left and right. Even if I was not going to use the in wall speakers I would probably install them just for the resale value of the house and before they stop making the same model.

Also you can try pauls TV inside art van, they had the 1612 for $100 when i was in there, it was the display model.

Different recievers have all different pros and cons but in your price range you are going to have to go with which ever one is on sale. Another option would be to skip the sub and put more into the fronts / receiver.
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Ended up getting the AVR-2112ci off Amazon for ~500. I wanted the MultEQ XT and the USB. Now I will just have to wait a bit longer till I can pick up a sub and front L&R speakers.
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Now all you need is your front L&R speakers.....

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