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LED lighting for around a screen

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Has anyone put LED lights around the frame of their screen for a glowing effect? Anyone know where to get long LED strip lights to do this? I saw the Screen Innovations zero edge model with the LED lights around the frame and thought it was really cool but, buying the SI version isn't really an option and I was thinking I could modify an existing screen frame if I could find long enough LED strips.
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I bought a kit for about $30 on amazon. Look for a kit that has good reviews. You can search for "led strip".

My kit came with the power adapter, and remote. I cut the strip into 2 pieces - one for top and one for bottom (my sides are near window casings). I wasn't very successful in trying to solder the cat5 cable I used to link the 2 strips, so I bought an extra little piece that I plugged on to the LED strip, and then soldered the wires to.

I don't use the LED lights much, especially for movies. For TV, sports, I'll turn them on sometimes.
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Its definitely possible. However, there isn't much information on this online. Took me awhile to find someone who did somewhat of a diy writeup on it, and it didn't quite fit my needs.

I am about to be in the process of doing this. Aiming to have it done by thanksgiving. My LED's are on the way, and am ordering the screen material this week to make the screen.

The only hard part I'm running into is figuring out a way to mount it to the screen without having the screen very far away from the wall.I am trying to build something that is along the lines of the zero edge you mentioned earlier because im doing an AT screen and dont want anything behind it. I think im just going to build a standard frame from 1x4 poplar wrapped in velvet. Screen stapled to the back of the 1x4. Then get some type of slim material, 1/4-1/2 inch, that will give me room to fit the strip without facing them perpendicular to the wall so that people cant see them from the sides.

I'll try to take pictures along the way though because as i said, i didn't find any resources on this and people certainly want to do it from what ive seen.
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Let us know where you got the LED strips from and how your build turns out.
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A good source is http://www.parts-express.com/cat/led-strip-lighting-controllers/3334

Might find quite a few other ways to spend your money there as well....
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They are a little bit more then most, i ordered mine from amazon from a seller HITlights. You can go to their website also.
They have almost everything packaged together the controller and lights. PE is awesome though, never any complaints about them

I ended up getting 2 150led 5m strips and all the controllers for something like 80 something shipped
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I used LED rope lights and regular LED Christmas lights. I ran them behind my entertainment center. When I hang the screen it has a soft glow, not overly bright like some LED strips i have seen. I picked the lights up after the holidays when stores had them on clearance.
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Any updates?

Im interested.
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Any updates?

Im interested.
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I did get it done, and i have some pictures, just trying to find the time to upload the pictures and what not. Turned out well
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Can't wait to see the pictures.
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Any updates or pictures?
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I bought some LED strips from IKEA. My DNP Blade is suspended in air, so you can see the power cable hanging down which is cheesy. I think it does nothing to compliment a home except waste energy and create a wire mess. Also, if your back wall is black, you won't see much reflection
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A few more months have passed and I wanted to see if anyone had updates / pictures?
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Originally Posted by lance7 View Post

A few more months have passed and I wanted to see if anyone had updates / pictures?

While this project did not commence until 2 weeks after the last post, it does a pretty good job of showing what DIY LED Lighting around a DIY Screen can be "all about".

Ya want "Zero Edge?"

We got it. cool.gif


All images except last were taken while the Film was in motion.

Here is the source for the LED lighting. Length is Customizable.

Mfg. http://www.cbconcept.com

Web Merchant:
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your set up looks great. Thanks for the info on where to buy the LEDs
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