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About to purchase a new projector...

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I am looking to spend $700-1000 on a new projector (for a room roughly 12x12, so I also need a 10ish foot screen). I was almost ready to order...


But I am afraid I will miss the 60hz refresh rate. I plan on using this thing for games as well as movies, and im not sure if i will be happy with only 24fps (I am used to a 60hz LCD tv). Are there any good 60hz projectors in the 700-1000 price range?

Also, how often do I need to replace the bulbs (is it even possible?) and how much are they? As you can tell this will be my first projector, so the thought of the thing burning out kinda scares me...

Thanks for any advice!
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The better choice would be the pro8200.

I don't think either of them do 24p, but output at 60 hz.

The room is pretty small, not sure you'll get a 120" screen, but there are calculators that will tell you.

The pro8200 is still a very bright projector that throws a very nice picture and is bright enough to use with some light in the room.

It also has a longer rated bulb life (6000 hrs in eco mode).
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You sure the pro8200 is 60fps? From the amazon comments one guy said...

"After buying, I found that it is a 24 frames per second projector instead of a 60fps one"

*also I should note, I will be primarily using this as a computer monitor (for movies/games/work), via hdmi. Not sure if that matters.
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The projector syncs a 1080p signal at 60 hz. It will not sync to 24 fps that my bd player will output.
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Sorry still a little confused.. you say "It will not sync to 24 fps that my bd player will output.".

Like i said, I will be hooking this up to a PC, with a refresh rate of 60hz. So will I see 60hz on the screen when playing games etc...?

Also still confused about the bulbs, 6000hrs sounds like a long time, but are they replaceable *just to compare, how long to lcd tvs typically last?
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I've never hooked it up to a computer, but it syncs to a 1080i satellite receiver at 30 hz vertical refresh. The 1080p bd player syncs at 60 Hz.

When I've tried to activate the 24 fps setting on the bd player, the option is grayed out.

I would suspect it will sync to the computer at 60 hz.
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you keep saying "bd" what is "bd"? Can anyone else confirm they have hooked a device up to the viewsonic pro8200 and gotten 60hz onscreen?
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Sorry, bd is a blu ray player.

As to the bulbs, Coderguy has 3,000 hours on his and the light output has fallen to about half. Which is what the bulbs do-- get dimmer over time. Will he get to 6000 hours? Probably not.

If the usable life of a bulb is 4-5000 hours, that would comparable to 8 hours a day for a year and a half, or 4 hours a day for 3 years or a movie a day for 6 years. Not bad.

I think the bulbs cost around $250.
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Originally Posted by avsforumun View Post

you keep saying "bd" what is "bd"? Can anyone else confirm they have hooked a device up to the viewsonic pro8200 and gotten 60hz onscreen?

look at the specs , it does 60hz.

you can use this PJ on PAL and USA .

Computer and Video
NTSC M (3.58 MHz), 4.43MHz, PAL (B, D, G, H, I, M, N, 60), SECAM (B, D, G, K, K1, L), SD 480i and 576i, ED 480p and 576p, HD 720p, 1080i and 1080p
Fh: 30-100KHz, Fv: 50-85Hz

As to what some person wrote on amazon, take it with a grain of salt, about what he wrote that this PJ only doing 24 hz, HE WAS WRONG, and bse53 is right , if you look at specs and going from bse53's actual user experience. Also, look at the 7 comments to what that guy on amazon wrote. They were saying he was wrong. if someone gives wrong info on amazon user review, generally someone straightens them out.

Lots of us use it for watching tv stuff and PC stuff and it works like HDTV.

Now for 3d stuff you need 120 hz. This pro8200 doesn't do 3d. Standard regular pc and tv formats for usa and PAL.
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The other thing with getting 6,000 hours on bulb is it has to be in ECO mode. Coderguy never said he was using eco mode all the time.
The pro8200 is listed as 4,000 to 6,000 hours. So if you use it in regular mode you can get 4,000 hours before it gets too dim.

It becomes a little tricky with the pro8200, because if you switch modes, going from standard to user 1 and dark room etc, it auto switches to regular mode if you are not checking. So if you want long bulb life, keep checking to make sure it's in eco mode.

So if you watch 4 hours at a sitting you get 4 years viewing with bulb. But if you only watch 2 or 3 times a week 4 hours a sitting you get 8-12 years on bulb. Over 1,500 days of viewing at 4 hours a day in theory in eco mode. Coderguy told us he sometimes leaves it on all day , and one time left it on 3 days all the time. Which is good news, the pro8200 keeps on ticking. smile.gif
3 cents per hour.
I have seen prices around 200 hundred dollars for new bulb. With my hdtv's if they go bad I will just dump it, at least with the pj I can pick up a new bulb, and 4 years or 8 years in tech is a long time. Taking us to 2020. smile.gif
Unless you are Coderguy who does 3,000 hours in a little over a year and uses it like a hdtv. He is our hours on PJ master on the pro8200. Nobody is close to him on hours yet.
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Ok thanks for all the great info guys!

I looked on the specs page, but did not see "60hz" anywhere. Is it some cryptic number/term I am just missing? *ahhh FREQUENCY ok I see

And is 4000/6000 hours about standard for these things? I suppose I wont be using it for more then 4 hours a day, so yeah 2+ years sounds like a decent lifespan. How do LCD tvs compare? Just curious...

I guess my last question is, is this pro8200 the best projector in my price range? 800-1000ish? Ive always like viewsonic...
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yes, get it. it will work great. you just missed a sale a few days ago it was 680, so you could wait for the next one. or order before coderguy shows up talking about pixel mapping or you will never decide biggrin.gif
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