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DirecTV HD DVR Upgrade issues

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Can someone entertain me as to the DirecTV upgrade policy? Here's my story:

I have been with DirecTV for 3+ years and have been having major problems with my HR22; very slow, recordings often freeze or pixelate during playback, sometimes recordings don't work at all. I called to upgrade and tell them I wanted at least a HR24 (which I also have in another room). They told me they could not guarantee what I would get so at that time I declined the upgrade. Well,, this past weekend the DVR just died. I've rebooted about 15 times and it never comes back up. It gets stuck on step 1 of the verification process or just goes to a blue screen telling me to reboot. I called back and this time was told I could get a newer model so I processed the upgrade.

Low and behold the DVR is delivered and it's an HR21, are they kidding me; just navigating the guide on my HR22 has become horribly slow. I called to complain and basically they still tell me there's nothing they can do. So I escalated to a supervisor who told me the only workaround was to have a technician come out on a "repair call" for the HR22 and then have him install a new one at which time I should have the option to tell him I want a newer model which the supervisor was confident he would have with him on the truck.

Now my problem is I have to wait more than a week for the installer to come and I'm still not 100% confident that I will get at least a HR24 or newer. I refuse to pay for old technology and I think this policy is insane especially since I have to pay for the receiver. Not to mention now I am without a box on my main TV.

Does anyone know why they have this policy in place or what I can do to make sure I get a much newer model? Am I out of line here?

I gave the supervisor this example: You have an iPhone 3Gs and are eligible for an upgrade and call your carrier to process the upgrade but they tell you you can't get an iPhone 5 or even an iPhone 4, you'll just get whatever they want to send you.

Thanks all, just very frustrated that they treat customers like this after paying almost $100 a month for there service plus subscribing to Sunday Ticket.
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They have that policy in place because all of the HD DVRs are functionally the same, they all record, playback, etc. Also they don't want to just throw away every box that is returned when people drop their subscription or no longer need one of their DVRs. That would be just wasting money. If a truck comes to your house for service and you can prove to the tech that your unit is no longer functional he will replace it with one from his truck. It could be a 21 or22 or 23 but usually they have at least some HR24s so you can ask him to give you one or even bribe him with a tip. The last 2 times I had service I did get 24s because that's all he had.. Don't shoot the messenger, I don't make policy.
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Definitely not shooting the messenger but I still think it's a bogus policy. Even though they are functionally the same, my understanding is that the processors and hardware in general are much better in newer models. Again I go back to my iPhone example, functionally they are the same but you can't say the newer ones are not better because of improved processor technology and such. Especially since I have to pay for the unit. Anyway, i am really hoping the tech has at least a HR24 or I may seriously consider just cancelling DirecTV altogether. The only thing that would hold me back is that Cablevision is my only other option and they have their own set of problems.
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Good luck, I think he may have one for you. I'm running 2 HR24s and 2 HR20s and an HR21 and they're all great. I think that the HR21 and HR20 are actually faster than the 22 or 23. Other than being quicker and having a larger HD, I don't sense any difference in any of my units and never even think about which one is which.
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Thanks joed32, Is it possible that my HR22 was defective from the get go? It's been painfully slow for a long time. Even just pulling up the guide takes forever and forget about changing channels. I even turned off the scrolling effect and that didn't help much.
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I hope everything works out well for you.
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So the technician came today and provided me with a HR24 and so far it's working flawlessly. Strangely enough there was a problem with my Whole Home DVR functionality and it took him about 40 minutes to figure that out. Now to return the HR21 they shipped me. I am a little annoyed because he told me there is no charge for the HR24 but the reps charged me $100 for the replacement HR21 (which I'll get back once I receive the shipping label from DirecTV via snail mail).

I will say this, they always seem to do the right thing but it is not always easy getting there. Thanks for the input.
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And just a FYI, the tech automatically gave me the HR24 before I had a chance to request it. He turned on the current HR22 said yeah it's gone and said he can replace it with a HR24.
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