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Buying a commercial cinema projector for my home theater...

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Hi All,
I'm thinking about buying a 2k commercial cinema projector with high frame rate and upgradeable to both passive 3D and 4k for my HT. The theater has full light control and the perf screen will be between 15 and 16 feet wide, hence the need for a bright projector (perhaps a dialed down 10,000 to 12,000 lumens). As for viewing habits, 2D and 3D movies and TV shows via DirecTV and Blu-ray.

I have no affiliation with the movie business whatsoever and therefore have no access to either 2k or 4k material.

So my question is this: Would I better off buying a made for HT HD (1920 x 1080) projector from Sim 2 or similar or buying a 2k commercial cinema projector from say Barco or other commercial projector manufacturers?

And do you have any insight or advice for someone interested in a 2k commercial cinema projector?
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If you got the money and the space for proper ventilation and a room for a hush box you'll be blown away by a DCI projector. They are very loud. I also believe you would be happy with the top pj from Sim2. It will do the job.
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I would go for a SIM2 or similar unless light output will not be acceptable to you. Most of the upgradable DCI 2k projectors are >$100k and might not be as good as the next 1 or 2 generation consumer gear in some respects. Also, a 4k upgrade path and accessories to make it work in a HT environment probably will cost more than a replacement high end HT projector like a SIM2 or similar. Reddig's comment about the noise and having a projection booth is absolutely necessary and accurate. If you have never seen a DCI projection booth I would recommend going to a good local cinema and asking for a quick tour of the projection booth to see the projector. Lamp cost and heat are another problem too. One more thing, it is possible that some integrators may be uneasy installing and controlling a DCI projector as they may only be used to consumer projectors. This could lead to a high level of complexity and risk for them and add to the cost.
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There is a new gen of dcine projectors based on the .67 chip which are quite quiet and look good, with on hand manual convergence of the dmd's.
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And wht are their prices?
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According to an earlier post 28-33K $ street, depending on brand/model/lens. So a bit higher than the WXGA staging units based on TI's 0.67" WXGA DMDs.

See this thread: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1431337/small-barco-2k-introduced.

Peter are there still 0.98" DMD Barco's? The 1200 is no longer current: http://www.barco.com/en/products-solutions/projectors/digital-cinema-projectors/2k-digital-cinema-projector-for-screens-up-to-12m-40ft.aspx.
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For the S2K (.67 DLP), the range looks like this.

NEC NC900S: $30,000 including IMS and Lens.

Christie Solaria One: $33,000 including IMS and Lens.

Barco DP2K10S: $36,000 including IMS and Lens.

For the regular 2K (.98 DLP)

NEC NC1200C/Christie CP2210/Barco DP2k12c: $36,000 with lens

The next models up that include 4K upgrade paths for each of those will be in the $47,000 with lens price range.

The actual 4K units are in the $70-$80,000 range.
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Bumping this... We are selling our house and the theater goes with it frown.gif Screen is 16' wide, scope and used a Titan pj until it developed an issue and now, AND PLEASE DONT FLAME ME biggrin.gif , I put an Epson 6030ub in as a placeholder. This was before the house sell came about. ( the screen is 1.4 gain from Harkness and while the pj is not anywhere on par with anything approaching high end for that size, it looks better than it has any right to look ). I will not be putting a new pj in for the house sell.

Since I'm now in a position to rebuild, I'm starting with the theater first, of course. Instead of squeezing a system into an existing room I want to design a room, or separate building on property, around the system. I have decided that my minimum screen width will be 20'. But call me crazy, I really want 25' to 30' wide so I have no doubt a DCI commercial unit is in my future. This is a big undertaking and I've already put a feeler out to Dennis Erskine since the room design is the biggest first step but this is gonna be DIY as much as possible.

I don't need the latest and greatest and am looking up b-stock but I have a couple of questions for those in the know here... 4k is better, I know but given proper distance from screen what 2k that's 3d capable will get me from off the sidelines and into the game? Likewise, BIG IF, but if I can swing it same question on a 4k? Thanks guys.
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dp20kc will do nice:)
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I have to ask so that probably means I can't afford it wink.gif
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The P version is a 10K or was it 20 premium over the regular edition, according Peter in one of the other threads, recently. Is that a dialed down for additional contrast DP424B, or a fulll blown 32B?

Edit: Oops, there's already a C series, no longer the B.
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