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Can someone take a minute to steer me straight?

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Thank you very much.
I'm not quite a newbie but............ I do have a 50" Fujitsu (that still looks great btw) and all my gear is THX cert. from waaay back when they first came out with that certification. And I subscribe to Home Theater Mag.

My problem / questions are how to properly set up my new theater. Specifically some of the wiring to interface with my computer.
I'm getting a Panasonic 65" VT50 and an Onkyo TX-NR1010.

What type of cables do I need to run from my computer to the TV or receiver to be able to watch or listen to content on the web? For internet radio the Onkyo manual shows a Cat 5 ethernet cable going from the router to the receiver. (pg.114)
PG. 18 of the Onkyo manual shows an HDMI cable running from the computer to the receiver. Is that enough?

What should I run for the video? The TV manual shows a VGA connection. (pg.13) RGB PC..?? and audio cables. Do I need to run these if I have HDMI already going from the computer to the receiver?

My guess is I just need to run 1 ethernet and 1 HDMI... to the receiver and that will send it to the TV??
They may just show the RGB for people without a receiver to run it to first?

Also, I will have a small TV by my bar. Rather than splitting the signal can I just run an HDMI cable from my Zone 2 output on the receiver to that TV? (pg. 84 Onkyo)

Links to manuals:
Receiver : http://filedepot.onkyousa.com/Files/own_manuals/TX-NR1010_English.pdf?CFID=2216380&CFTOKEN=75190101&jsessionid=f030bb452820e672787e462e645f1521756e

TV: http://service.us.panasonic.com/OPERMANPDF/TCP55VT50.PDF

I really appreciate any help you can give me. I want it all to work properly and I don't want to run extra wires for nothing.
Again thanks for your time. I have done many write ups in my areas of expertise on other sites, (Cars / construction) And I appreciate all the knowledge on this particular site. Thanks again for your time......................
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HDMI between all the components should cover everything A/V-wise. You'll want to run Ethernet certainly to the Onkyo as it's got a lot of network capabilities, and to the TV as well. The Onkyo may support passing Ethernet over HDMI as well (check the manual for both the Onkyo and the TV)

And yes, you've got a full HDMI Zone 2 available.

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Thanks, will do!
Will definitely get some pics of the room up when completed! Shooting for Dec. 31st party!

BTW just checked out your pictures. VERY nice theater. AWESOME!
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