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Plano, TX: Which/the best antenna I need? (Antenna web report attached)

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I am looking for an antenna to watch all local channels to my HDTV, I was wondering which antenna do I need?

Here is my antenna report;

I want all the local channels, and I was confused on which antenna supports both BLUE and VIOLET?

Is this a good one?
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No one here wastes time with antennaweb or its color code scheme. However, your street address is on the report so I ran the TVFool analysis for your address at a height of 30'. http://www.tvfool.com/?option=com_wrapper&Itemid=29&q=id%3dcc49a5f685d9f1

All you need is a modest UHF/high-VHF antenna for the DFW major stations. Antennas such as the Winegard 7694, Antennacraft HBU22, or the Antennas Direct C2V would all be fine. Aim the antenna towards Cedar Hill and you're well on your way to free digital TV.
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Thanks for the info!

I was looking at this one:

I dont know if i can climb my way on to the roof of my house to install this (2 story home), but I think I can get it mounted outside my window...do you think that would be enough? From the ground I say its about ~ 12 feet

The winegaurd also looks pretty cheap, but I dont know how I would install this kind...dont really see a mount like the C2 one:
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You want the C2V, not the "basic" C2 if looking at the ClearStream antennas. WFAA in DFW requires the VHF version of the C2. Any of these antennas can use a J-mount, typically used for satellite dishes.

There is no hard and fast height rule, but, it is important that you select a site that allows the best "view" in the direction of your broadcast towers. Placing the antenna where it faces point-blank into a tree, your own or a neighbor's house, and the like would usually be a poor choice.
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Please put a LOCATION in ALL antenna help threads. See my edit and the sticky post.
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Based on my own experience in Parker (75002, near Allen TX) the C2V might not be enough of a VHF antenna to get consistent reception of WFAA (Channel 8). The 7694P should be OK, the gain is considerably higher. But you won't know unless you try it!
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The RCA ANT 751 at Walmart is also an alternative that can mount on the wall. http://www.walmart.com/ip/RCA-Suburban-Mini-Yagi-Digital-Outdoor-Antenna-with-Mast/10828410
If it does not work, you can easily return it

Just make sure you point the antenna to the SW where the tower is.
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