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LG Home Theatre Problem

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I have a LG 5.1 Home Theater system. The wireless subwoofer and the 2 Rear speakers will not connect to the bluray receiver. Sound comes out of all the other 3 speakers, but the wireless rear ones, and the subwoofer do not light up with the blue ring.

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You may want to try a search because this sounds familiar. I think the "fix" was to replace the transceivers but I can't be sure.
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I did a search and I found this:
After about 18 months I noticed that my rear speakers no longer worked. The red light on the rear receiver would not turn blue. After several tries going through the sync procedure in the owner's manual without success, I turned to the internet for some help. Although I found dozens of people with this problem (some had the sync problem with both the sub-woofer and the rear speakers), the vast majority had it with only with one or the other. Since the unit was out of warranty, (LG will not recognize this as a defect in the system and extend the warranty) I had no choice but to do it myself, or pay some exorbitant amount to have it fixed.

As you read this, keep in mind that this fix is for units that either one or the other wireless device is not working. If both are not working the problem probably lies somewhere else.

But my rear speakers and the subwoofer are both not connecting.
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Keep searching because I seem to remember somebody actually posted the part(s) and where they found them. It was a little difficult to replace but not impossible and it did fix the speakers. That may not be the fix for your problem but it's certainly worth a shot. Otherwise, it looks like you may be in the market for a new audio system frown.gif
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