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We're moving our home theater from the smallest room in the house to the largest room in the house, which is allowing me a much larger picture size then what I had. Right now I'm at around 88" Picture, but with the larger room, I will be hitting close to 150".

I have the Elite ezFrame R106WH1 CineWhite screen, and we've been quite satisfied with it. For the new home theater, I had been looking at the Elite ezFrame R150WH1 CineWhite which is at a decent price at ProjectorPeople right now -- although the added shipping does bring it up a bit.

I was looking at the comparable Monorprice 150" HD White Fabric Screen (Product ID #7958) which appears to be a very similar setup; almost similar dimensions, but costs less even with added shipping. I was wondering if anyone has experience with Monoprice screens and if I should seriously consider it against the Elite R150WH1.