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home theater design phase......

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above is what i was thinking of a room layout. top "open area" ~6.5' is door to my rear deck, opening on bottom left of page next to sofa is opening to rest of my house.

originaly i was think about 150" screen but after a earlier post probably going to shrink it to 120"-130" i have plenty of room where i plan on placing screen to make a false wall to "hide" speakers etc. currently i have 13-15 speakers (not including my sub's) i can use for my surround system.

planing on my in-wall speakers for rear directly behind sofa bc of lack of room. pair of towers & big bookshelf speakers up front. then i have another smaller bookshelf etc i can place on side of room. & another set of speakers unsure where to place. all my speakers are klipsch. as for sub's i have a homemade powered 18", and a couple klipsch 8" subs unsure how many i plan on using depends on LF responce in room. which 18" should be overkill...then again is that even possiable..lol

any thoughts on room layout? it's sort of a strange layout based on room. i would rather have seating ares in middle of room to make layout for everything easier. but cant w/ how rest of house connects to room.

open to any/all ideas

room is ~ 18' 10" x 13' 3" x 8'

anymore info needed i'll get to you all as fast as i can.

thanks again for the great help & ideas
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dark grey on picture is a planed riser for 2nd row of seating
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If you plan on hiding your towers and subs behind a false wall, you just lost a minimum of 24" from the length of your room, maybe more. If you are planning on using acoustic treatments on the front and back walls, you'll lose even more. I think both of those options are worth doing, as long as you understand they eat up real estate and you plan accordingly.

Since you seem to have more speakers than you need, have you considered selling a few and getting yourself a nice set of in-wall speakers (Triad/Atlantic Technology). This will allow you to hold that false wall as tight as possible to the existing wall, freeing up more room for your seats.

If you are planning on using reclining seats, I would enlarge your riser from 5'-10" deep to 7' deep min. If you want the back row to be able to enjoy the rear surround speakers, I'd enlarge it to 8' deep. This will determine where your front row will be and will allow you to properly size your screen based on those seating positions. Assuming you can go with a shallow false wall and in-wall or on-wall speakers, eyeballs in your front row will end up approx. 9' from the screen while eyeballs in your back row end up around 15-1/2' back. If you decide to hide your existing towers instead of in-walls, your false wall will need to be deeper and those viewing distances will get smaller.

I think you already realized that sitting 9' from a 150" screen will be an unpleasant experience. My guess is you are going to find 120-130" too big as well, especially if you screen format is 16:9. Do you know what aspect ratio you want? Don't feel like you need to cram everything against the back wall so you can get a large screen. Moving the seats closer and getting a slightly smaller screen will give you the same experience PLUS it will make your rear surrounds sound better because you've put some space between them and the people sitting in the back row.

Keep in mind that most AT screens will have a visible weave when sitting in the 8-10' range. Something you should be aware of , especially if you build a deep false wall that pushes the screen even closer to the seats. There are some new 4K screens that are AT and will not have a visible weave. You might want to check them out

FYI-I have a similar sized space (depth-challenged) and opted to go with a very shallow false wall. My sub will sit behind my rear seats since I could not fit it up front.

What are your plans for dealing with the sliding door? Do you have a place set aside for your equipment?
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the area where my "door's are to rear deck" i have some "play room" there since when looking @ my above link the door is on right side and left half doesnt open @ all. to black out my "sliding back door" now unsure if going to use curtians or something else to cover it up.

for speakers was trying to use what i had. but i will check out speakers you were talking about for in-wall. i will eat up space making a false wall. if i made a false wall i could hide/place all my equipment there as well to leave as much room as i can in back of room. i've always been torn about in-wall speakers. in past (10-15+ years ago) when i looked @ some they didnt sound great my towers blew them away. but they have probably come along way since then.

just unsure how many speakers to use always had a 6.1 system but i see some ppl using 11.2 etc was wondering what advantages there are. since plaing things out would rather un wires etc etc for future upgrades etc.

my speakers i has are from a full 5.1 & 6.1 system..LOL

is seating in room going to cause a issue since won't me centered on screen? was also thinking about if a made the riser completely across back of room but then would need steps going into room
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was messing with riser calc. and i keep getting i would need about 21" riser give or take..... was wondering if that sounded correct . room is 18'10"x13'3"x 8' and i was planing about 2' wall where screen is to hide components speakers etc. which would make room 16'x10" x 13'3" x 8'

screen would be about 1'11" from floor, back of 1st row of seating would be about 10'4" and second row would be in a 9'4" x 6'6" riser w/ second row away form wall about 1'. so would be about 15'10" from screen wall.

riser may be correct since it's a "small" room and wanted 2 rows of seating and screen 130"
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i was messing with some numbers and where things place and looks like i need about 17" riser. which i like better than the 21"+ one. i had a couple numbers way off when i was figureing out riser height.
assume i will need ~3 steps though it is a little short for that. i'll have to figure something out. now just have to re-route my return for furnace.
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Your riser should be about 10-12" inches. 17 is way too tall.
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If your first/second row heads are 5'10" apart, your front row heads are 11' from the screen and the bottom of the viewing area on the screen is 2'-6" above the floor, then the minimum height for your riser is 12' which is assuming the top of your heads are 3'-6" above the floor/platform.
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when i was using the riser calculater i was getting these higher numbers 17"-24" and didn't make sence to me since in alot of other posts seemed like 12" was the norm. but i thought i may need the higher numbers since my room is 18'10" and will be building a wall about 2' where screen is and having rear sofa about 1' from wall.

i'll aim for 12" since will be easier for steps as well
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I would suggest not making assumtions. Make sure you know without doubt. Draw it out and make sure the bottom of the screen is vissible to the second row without heads in the way.
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in above pic. Riser is about 18" tall and 6 1/2' deep. room is 8' tall and 16'10" to screen. i have sofa's about 3' tall by 3' deep

know cheap pic but been working on things while @ work

pic didn't post good. but you can get idea of what i was doing
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Now subtract another foot from the height of your riser for the soffit! Leaves you 5 1/2 feet. smile.gif
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damn forgot about the soffit around the room...good thing i'm having the sofa about a foot from wall or i would be cracking my skull when i stand on riser........back to drawing board re-designing....thank god for this site and alot of paper...lol
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also trying to decide how i want to build the riser since in back of room is where my "door" is to rest of house....almost thinking building riser complete length. and when you walk into room you walk up the steps
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