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Soundbars and a Harmony One

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A while ago I purchased a Vizio soundbar and I liked it but I didn't like how it worked with my Harmony One.
Every time I raised or lowered the volume I would have to navigate the touchscreen on the Harmony One to the soundbar, press a button, then the remote would work the volume. It's especially annoying when watching tv and a commercial comes on and the volume is considerable higher.
Is there a soundbar that works with the Harmony One where I can press the volume up/down button and it will raise/lower the sound no matter what piece of equipment the remote is set on? Thanks.
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Sounds like a set issue. I've had 3 different sound bars since I've had my harmony one and all have worked how you want it to.

Got into the logitech software and look and see in the activities if the sound bar/amplifier is used to control volume and not the TV.
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D'OH..first post here and already I have egg on my face. I forgot to mention in my original post I returned the vizio about a week after using it. So I don't have a soundbar. I was looking for some soundbar recommendations from people who have a harmony one and have it working the way I want it to.
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Pretty much what magicman said, just setup the One to control the sound bar volume for whatever activity. Having said that, I have no issues with my Yamaha 401 (probably superseded by now) and a harmony one.
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I started watching Batman Begins using the Yamaha Yas-101 that I've had for awile now and went out and picked up the Bose Cinemate Series II and finished Batman with it. The sound is substantially richer and more detailed than the 101 (also twice the price), I did notice with the Bose though when Gordon was blowing up the train bridge that the explosion sounded like it was "missing" sound. So I'm undecided whether I'm keeping it or not.

Other sound bars I'm interested in are the Polk IHT5000 and the Yamaha YSP-2200 (was on sale until yesterday, DOH).

The salesman at Futureshop was saying they are having their VIP sale (can't remember, but either the 22nd or the 27th, gonna have to go in and ask), if the Bose drops significantly on the sale I'll probably keep it. If not I don't think it's worth the regular selling price.

What's your price range for a soundbar?
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I'm pretty positive you had your setup wrong on the Harmony One. That remote will control anything and everything.

I have the Harmony One and the YSP-2200 and it controls it fine.
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