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The "OFFICIAL" Integra DTR-70.4 Owner's Thread

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Haven't seen an official thread, so thought I'd create one.
Since I have just picked up one and a DTA70.1 amp.

I take it the DTR-70.4 is the top of the line receiver model for 2013, there's been no announcement of a 80.4 and neither for their pre/pro range.

Has anyone else picked one up, available in the US? Doesn't appear to be a lot of talk of this model.

I have yet to unpack them, just tiding up the locations
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I have just become interested in this line of Receivers. I currently have the Denon 4310 and am in discussions with another store about what this product line has to offer. He claims that though there is no 80.4 on the Integra website, it does exist... and is apparently amazing.

Anyway, looks like my previous concerns about: Pioneer SC-68, Denon 4520 or Onkyo are all being trumped by Integra, either the 70.4 or the 80.4. The feature spec sheet looks to pack in all that I was trying to get out of my circling around the other items and of course you can add to it the fact of quality.

Should be interesting but if anyone has a 70.4 or a 80.4 I would be very curious to see what they thought about it paired with an OPPO 103 BD Player.

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Just placed an order for mine, upgrading from a Deon 4308CI..


Looks like this receiver is not too popular. I wonder why that is.




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Not that it matters for you but...

I was talked into the 50.4 by an independent installation store indicating that I would likely not need the features of the 70.4.

Having said that it absolutely blows away my Denon 4310... Way better sound in the room driving the same speakers. Sounds like I bought all new everything, movies sound amazing and rears actually seem to work... Anyway, amazing.
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