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Coming from a Sanyo PLV 1080 HD. Which projector?

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Please guide me in the right direction!

It's time! I want a new projector.. Been having some issues with mine.. We use it a lot! Bulb has a lot of hours on it... Shutter door issues... Wife said I have the go ahead to buy after Black Friday!

Which one should I buy?

I am posting in the "under 3000.00" thread because that's where I want to be....

Room is a dedicated theater room, all black- white screen. Sanyo has treated me good since early 2008. It has a lot of miles on it.!

What projector is going to be a huge improvement?

Thanks in advance!
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I am starting to look, Epson 5020 and Panasonic 8000....

So many choices....
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You could start by reading my choose your projector section in the below link:


Although the awards section is more controversial, the choose your projector section is primarily stuff most of us agree on.
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Thanks that's great info!

I think I am narrowing it down to the 5020 or the 8000... What would you do?

I just see the 8700 thread and I worry about the quality control of Epson.. I don't know if I am out of line for saying that but I read a lot of problems on there!

I am not a buff like some on here... I just want to spend the money wisely and want to here from some folks!
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How big is the screen and are you the type of person that likes to sit closer to the front row of a movie theater or farther back?

Also it depends how much emphasis on 3D you want to do, I am betting the Epson still has better 3D than the Panny.

What would I do, well I'd wait until the Mits hc8000 review comes up in the shootout to consider that one unless you are going with bigger screens over 120". This is because DLP is better for 3D for sure, and I also think it CAN be better in 2D if the black levels are good enough compared to the others (and this might be the first reasonably priced 3D DLP where the blacks are good enough). It won't be very bright though for larger screens.
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I am not big on 3D, my wife has horrible vision and for some reason she can't watch it.... We are more concerned with 2D..period.

I just know there are so many better projectors out there than my Sanyo...

I am on a cinewhite Elite 120" screen, light controlled dedicated theater room.

Walls and ceiling are licorice (black)
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You are an exact and perfect match for the JVC. There are some JVC's near or even under $3000 and really the Panny 8000 costs as much or more than the JVC RS-46, and the Epson isn't much cheaper. The JVC has the best build quality, best picture, most feature rich, and sharpest image out of these three. It also has darker black levels.

You MIGHT still be able to get on the JVC RS-46 pre-order list, or maybe Mike@AVS (see below) might have some B-Stock JVC's left (with full warranty).

Give Mike a call from AVS, they are one of the largest JVC dealers in the US and also have good after-sale support. You really need a JVC smile.gif

Mike Garrett, AV Science Sales
Call Me: 585-671-2968
Email Me: Mike@AVScience.com
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Just a question. Since I am ignorant to all the specs... Why is this the best? Does it focus moren 2D?

What's the lumens of the jvc?.

Trying to make as best of an educated choice as possible...
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