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Question about UV and digital copies

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So I just realized that you can play your ultraviolet library through vudu. When I initially registered I thought you could only access the videos through the studios site so I didn't bother with it. I would always want the disc too but this is extremely convenient for quick access from other rooms. I don't want to mess with a home media server and this seems like a nice supplemental compromise. Now that its officially illegal to backup your purchased videos who knows how long we will even have access to decryption programs.

What if vudu closes up would there be another provider to take over the streaming? I also haven't tried the itunes copy but I hear they are not that great. Do they unlock on your account or is it just a local copy?
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To answer your question (assuming another retailer is available), then you can simply watch the film using them. That's the great part about UltraViolet (UV), you can watch how you want and where you want. For example if you register with Flixster and link it to your UltraViolet account, you'll most likely be able to watch your movies there too, I already do this.

UV is still in it's infancy and growing. Did you know that Barnes and Nobles upcoming Video platform for Nook will support UV? So that should mean that just like you can watch your movies via Vudu or Flixster, you should be able to in the future watch them using Barnes and Noble Nook video apps, which should be available on almost every platform like the amazon's kindle apps.

To address your desire to download them, the different retailers provide there own unique downloads that work for offline watching. However, in the coming year UV is releasing a standardized video format called "Common File Format (CFF)" for video files. These files are created to an approved specification much like a DVD or Blu-ray disk is made. New devices will become available that are UV certified. Anything that is UV certified will play these files. So I would expect big things in the future, but as of now it's still finding it's way.

Also a really cool thing with UV, is that you can add other users to your UV account. They get there own UV login and can then setup there own Vudu account and link to the UV account you created for them and this allows them to stream your movies also. This works for up to 5 additional users. It's like owning 6 copies of the movie or TV series that you only purchased one copy!! I think that is one of the best features! However, you can only have 3 people streaming simultaneously..

My only gripes with UV is that Disney and Apple need to join the DECE. But if UV continues to grow, I would think Disney would join in the future, possibly apple also.
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thanks for the info. I went through my entire collection and the itunes digital copy does appear to unlock it on your account so you can stream it. I don't like itunes but for some movies that is all there was. I'm going for the d2d through vudu for any additional titles.

I am having some issues with my account already though. A movie isn't showing up under vudu properly and I noticed multiple links to the same thing under my UV account.
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As far as linking goes, it does seem that you will have multiple links being listed for any provider. I have that also, so I would consider that normal. If you have a problem with a Vudu movie, I suggest contacting there support. There pretty helpful and friendly.

Also there is a forum dedicated to UV on Vudu's site: http://forum.vudu.com/forumdisplay.php?f=161

I'm on there as the same username. So that's a good place to get some information. UV is not a perfect system yet, but it's in its infancy still and it mostly works fine. I prefer it over being locked to one platform such as iTunes and it can only get better as it progresses.

On a personal note, I only buy movies on disc and either D2D them or they come with a UV code for unlock! I would recommend buying physical copies of the movies rather then digital only, this way if the system breaks down, at least you'll have a physical copy of the movie. One cool thing though, is that Vudu will give you free money for every device you activate with the service. So for me I was able to get $25.00 to spend on their store because I activated, 2 TV's, 2 Xboxes, 1 Blu-ray player. I would suggest buying movies that are UV enabled from Vudu because they will then be added to your UV account. Look for the UV logo on the description page. Not all Vudu movies are UV enabled/compatible...

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So I brought in 5 discs. The first walmart I went to was showing a error screen at the end of the process so we had to go across town and the other one worked. I'm not to excited about putting stamps on the discs but other than that I'm happy. I've also noticed that not all movies in their library has disc to digital available like transformers 1&2. Or at least it didn't come up in the drop down box when I was creating a list to bring in. Is it possible it could still work in the store?

I do have a few more questions. Do any movies with the uv codes enable bonus content on vudu? For instance I redeemed prometheus and the movie works fine on vudu but no bonus features. I also have a few region free sets from the UK like jurassic park (actually just checked and its not in the list for d2d either ). Would they allow me to add these to my account? Also do you have to pay for each individual disc in these sets? I wish they had all the volumes of the three stooges available and in d2d. I also wanted to say I completely agree its still best to have a disc for the movie. Maybe if they had a great deal on a digital version it would be ok.

thanks again for the help
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I'd think these digital copies are just 'free' access to the normal streaming feeds. You only get the basic movie in a single language. No extras, etc... As some have found, if a service loses the license to a title, you may lose access to it, too.
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This depends... For example I redeemed Spider-Man 2 which came with a UV code at Sony's site. Upon redemption, Spider-Man 2 and Spider-Man 2.1 (2.1 is the extended edition) was added to my UV locker for streaming. This was a complete surprise to me, but this is the only film that I've redeemed and received that kind of treatment. So the simple answer is that it could happen, but not likely... Maybe in the future?

Movies that aren't available via the D2D list will not be available if you attempt in store. The reason why films are not all available is because of licensing agreements. For example, Lucas Arts (Indiana Jones, Star Wars) is now owned by Disney, Disney is not part of the DECE (UV). So as of right now, it is highly unlikely we'll see there movies available for D2D or UV codes. For studios that are a part of the DECE, it's then a matter of licensing agreements.

For boxed sets and using D2D, you do pay for each individual movie. Now some newer box sets like: Resident Evil (4 movie collection) comes with a UV code that enables you to unlock all 4 movies. Hopefully as the UV matures and more content is coming out with UV codes, this won't be an issue for needing to D2D. But UV is only in the early stages and starting to ramp up.
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