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Yamaha YHT-595BL or YHT-695BL

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I was checking out on amazon, and i found out that these HT are in relative low price, the 595 on 400$ and the 695 540$, is cheaper than the 597 and 797 model of course and i think they are the same thing, except for the receiver which on the new models they have the ability of 4k passthrough (i think i don't need that right now). Somebody knows how good in quality are these models (YHT-595 / YHT-695) ? Thx for answering.
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I could've probably answered this in your other thread as well but if 4k passthru is something you don't need, I'd go with the 595 and use the price difference to upgrade the speakers. You never really did state a budget so that might be helpful for us to know. The best way to build a HTS is by individual pieces, not a HTiB, but that can get very pricey very quickly. Give us a max price range and we'll spend your money for you wink.gif
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Well yeah you answered me something on my other thread (and thx for it) but i wanted to start another more specific cause maybe someone wont read it on the other one smile.gif.

Anyway, my price range and sorry for not saying it before, it is about 500$, maybe i can spend a little more like 600$, but is more suitable for me to make it of a 500 $ price range (lower will be nice of course). that's why im opting for a HTIB, cause like you said maybe is a little expensive to build it individual, could get very pricey quickly, well of course your the ones who can tell me if theres a option.
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Hmmm, ok. The MLT-2 5.1 speaker set can be had for around $350 the last time I checked. The receiver for the YHT-395 Yahama HTiB system is the RX-V371. I haven't priced it separately but being as it is their "entry level" AVR, and an older model, it should be around maybe $200. The reason I suggest the MLT-2s is that they have a bigger driver (4" I think) and tweeter (1") so that is going to give you a much better dynamic range and sound stage at 8 ohms than practically any HTiB system under $500. They have a slightly bigger bookshelf footprint than the Yamaha speakers and binding post connectors (at least I think so) so they can be connected to virtually any receiver. The Yamaha speakers are clip in so they would work with any receiver as well should you choose to change your receiver some day and keep the speakers (extra satellites, rear speakers, etc). FWIW, I really like my RX-V371 because it suits our needs perfectly and sounds fantastic. I do wish it had the iPod connector on the front like the 595 does but we don't use it that much for music (other than movies) anyway. We have a separate room (living room) with it's own stereo system for listening to music etc. Audyssey audio calibration is also a big deal to some so any receiver that has a mic calibration system may be a desirable feature as well. There does seem to be some differences of opinion on how truly useful auto-calibration with a mic is on the entry to mid-level systems so you'll have to decide for yourself on that. I would think that with really nice speakers it would be a good way to go but the definition of really nice is also open for discussion and certainly out of my price range. Just keep in mind that if you or anyone else changes seating positions relative to the front sound stage, the audio characteristic will change as well regardless of how you calibrated it. For some, not a big deal. For others..........
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Wow, thx for that advice otto it really sorted out what i really looking for, i hope, i can make the adquisition sometime this week. I checked the MLT-2 and they look a very nice set of speakers which suits perfectly my living room, plus the receiver that for the price it can be more than enough, about the mic stuff that is something that can be somehow optional, sometimes no one knows, if it's better to config at your own judgement instead of some random automatic setup (which it can be more easy and comfortable perhaps). Thanks again for clarify me about my options biggrin.gif
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The audio calibration on the RX-V371 is manual in that you set the distance to the speakers and adjust the volume for each speaker if I remember correctly. It doesn't correct for the room acoustics like I believe Audyssey does. Mine sounds just fine so it all depends on how particular to you are. I did have to figure out the correct cross-over frequency for the sub to make the fronts sound better but that was trial and error and a lot of help from the Speaker forum. The MLT-2s have a much better dynamic range than the speakers that come with the HTiB system so you can probably get away with a 80MHz x-over for the sub and keep the other speakers at Small.
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