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Sound bar for an apartment reccomendations needed.

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I am getting a sound bar for my girlfriend for christmas and need some help since I know jack about home audio really. We dont need a lot, just something to help improve the sound quality and give it a more room filling quality.

She has a lcd vizio tv.

Would like something that when you adjust the volume of the tv it adjusts the soundbar also. So if we mute or turn volume up/down on the tv the soundbar will adjust also. If this is possible it would be great.

Would like something that is more about sound quality for like mid/hi without sounding muddy. Sheer volume and big bass arent what we need since its in an apartment.

Dont have a lot to spend, maybe 100-125.

Link me the item you would reccomend as well to make sure I am looking at the right thing.

It will be on a tv used mostly just for netflix, watching movies and a little gaming.

Thank you.
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For your budget and needs, I'd suggest the Vizio VSB200. It's a basic soundbar but most owners seem quite happy with it. It doesn't come with a sub, but you could add one later if you choose to. You may find it locally at places like Wal-Mart and Costco. Online, Amazon has it new for <$100; Tigerdirect has refurbs for about $60.


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