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Klipsch Promedia Ultra 5.1 - Humm problem

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Lately I start to hear a hum noise coming from all the speakers and specially the sub because i'm very sensitive to low frequency.

When I power OFF the speaker for more than 30 minutes and then power ON the Hum (like electric noise) is pretty loud
and after about 5 minutes it is less loud but I can still hear a hum coming from the subwoofer but I can also hear it
from all the speakers.

I bought a freeze can and I start the sub for 30 minutes to let it heat up and I then start to spray the freeze nozzle
on capacitor, resistor to see if a particular parts when freezed will make the noise coming louder.

But nothing change.

i'm not an expert in electronic but someone gave me this simple trick of freezing parts to troubleshoot but in my case
it didn't help.

What could it be ?

The speakers are all working but at my ears I need to put the volume level higher to get the same sound level as before.
But I also built a new PC so maybe the souncard output voltage is lower than my previous soundcard.

Any help would be appreciated because I really love these PC speakers and I want to fix them if I can.

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the "hum" that you describe is almost always some sort of "ground loop" problem.

search on that and you will get lots of options and methods for getting rid of it. another possible problem can be if you have a dimmer switch or dimmer halogen lamp on the same circuit.
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I tried the sub in another place in the house without speaker and I still get the hum noise.
I would say more an electrical noise not the same hum noise as when you don't plug the RCA cables completly on a stereo system.

I have nothing plug in the sub, only the control box.
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It's the amp i'm betting. They are notorious for being turds. It's a really nice PC system but I had the same problem when I had my set. Amp failed and did the same thing as your experiencing. I bough a replacement on ebay for $100. Sometime the amps outright fail, sometimes the humm like mad.

http://hardforum.com/showthread.php?t=1268387 here is a ton on info on the system's amp.
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Mine hummed for its last 6 months or so, and then went out with a "pop". Move on, the amp is an engineering disaster. I bought a cheap Onkyo receiver and a Polk 10" sub and kept the satellites for my surround....works much better this way, and sounds way better.
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