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5,000 watts, $699, until Nov 11

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Ricci mentioned this sub a while back as possibly a good match for a quad set of the Dayton RS18's.

I just happened to notice that there is a coupon right now to get it at $100 off, good through the weekend.


Two subs per channel in parallel for 1250 watts per sub into 2 ohms keeps the amp and the drivers (in 4 cubic foot sealed each) happy.


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John - thanks for posting. As an FYI they also often run 20% off sales which would give us even a few extra dollars off. I'm a big fan of guitar centers's customer service as well.

Andrew (the penny pincher) biggrin.gif
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Has the low end rolloff been measured on this amp? Seems like a solid deal if it's not down too much below 15hz.
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Cerwin-Vega CV-5000 High Performance Professional Power Amplifier Specifications:

Rated Power:
Stereo @ 8 ohms 1100 W
Stereo @ 4 ohms 1800 W
Stereo @ 2 ohms 2500 W
Bridge @ 8 ohms 3600 W
Bridge @ 4 ohms 5000 W
Input Sensitivity (8 ohms 1.42V (+5.3dB) Input Impedance 20 k ohms Balanced / 10t k ohms Unbalanced
Frequency Response (+/-3.0 dB) 5Hz – 50kHz
Class H , 3 tier
T.H.D (1 kHz, Rated Power) < 0.03 % 4 ohms and 8 ohms
Signal to Noise Ratio (20Hz - 20kHz) <-100 dB
Damping Factor (8 ohms,400 Hz) > 300
Power Source 100~240 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: (H x W x D) 5.1" x 18.9" x 18.9"
Weight: 83.3 lbs
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Nice specs, nice price. Seriously heavy, but I like that in an amp! I'm guessing it would need a fan mod.
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Has this amp been confirmed by anyone to handle 2ohms?
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For 699, it's not a bad amp. It is however another Chinese stripped down clone of the Crest CA18.
If you look around, there are a slew of these around. Even Marathon has their copy... the 5050.
I think Bosso put the Marathon through it's paces a while ago... the CV should be similar.
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I tried using the coupon but it turns out Cerwin-Vega has opted out of this promotion so the coupon doesn't work. Here is the list of mfg's who chose not to participate:


There was an even better deal at: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/pro-audio/cerwin-vega-cv-5000-high-performance-professional-power-amplifier?src=3WWRWXGP
But Cerwin-Vega has opted out of that promotion as well so the coupon doesn't work.
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oh, that sucks.
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No way you could have know.

Thanks for pointing out a potential deal though, it's always appreciated.
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Actually the amplifiers test out way better than the marathon ma 5050. The marathon has a much smaller output transformer, and actually is very lacking in capacitance, to the point of giving up solid woofer control. I got two marathons and 4 cerwin vega cv 5000 here. Do yourself a favor and stay away from marathon. It's not just a poorer product, but if anything goes wrong they communicate worth crap, and don't seem to want to supply parts. This led me to the cv 5000 which I was surprised and pleased to see, that it blew the marathon away very solidly. Much bigger transformer, and twice the capacitance, allow this amplifier to use it output transistors to full potential
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two cerwin vega cv amplifiersgetting ready to take over subwoofer duty
Alpine swr's waiting for the cerwins to take over.
Notice how small the marathon ma 5050 looks underneath the cv 5000's
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Two more cerwin vega cv 5000 soldiers waiting for deployment to subwooferville S.P.L.smile.gifsmile.gifsmile.gif
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Are you affiliated with CV by any chances??? you got kick out speakerplan forum because you were saying QSC and Crest were just rubbish amps and telling other members they did not know anything about amps and now here saying those CV amp are awesome again.

You are saying those amps tested very good, you have any numbers by any chances to back up what you are saying

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Actually your misinformed. I simply ran into a turkey named levyte, who did not like being corrected , and only has his own dealer opinion. Im not affiliated with cewin vega at all.
They deleted all my posts as they didn't like what I had to say. Maybe your a friend of his following me over here to cause trouble lol
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They all called me a fool for using car subwoofers like the alpine swr quad cabs I made, and the cerwin vega stroker pro subs I was using, and made mockery that it was impossible to test pro amps on car subs.
I was also ridiculed for telling a user he shouldn't be reposting old inaccurate pictures of the cerwin vega. Most of it all stemmed from a user who didnt like being corrected. Seeing as they censored all my posts, it's impossible to see what was going on. What I can tell most others is I found the site poor compared to most forums in the USA. Yes I did explain that I felt crest and qsc were poor amplifiers for the money and recommended
multiple cerwin vega instead, or heading towards the ap 6040 and 6020 amplifiers by Yorkville. They said they were done discussing Yorkville five years ago and have moved on. What can I say, I man is entitled to his opinion, and in recommending the cerwin vega, its not like I don't own any. Guess they just don't like vega there. I do appreciate your coming here to repeat it all, but again, most of my posts are now censored there.
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Tell us all you know about the CV. Your pictures don't show much.
Why do you have 6 huge amps?
When you say they tested way better than the Marathons, what tests are you referring to?
Where is subwooferville S.P.L.?
We all like big powerful cheap amps.
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Actually I have 2 marathons, 4 vega 5000 5 cv 2800. I have them for the same reason I have three Yamaha mx 1000, 4 klipsh rf5, 2 Yamaha yst 800 subwoofers, 2 cerwin vega strokers 15 inch, Yamaha rx-v1 times two, Old school otara mx 5050 reel to reel, Tascam br 20t reel to reel. (At one time I had seven more reel to reel, The list keeps going. I tend to build this stuff up over time. I sold most of my reel to reel to start fooling around with subwoofers. It's all overkill really its only a 14 by 12 room and I got 16 subwoofer drivers. Audio is just a thing a like to fool around with. All the big amps are for driving the bigger sub loads. I actually didn't want to buy four cv 5000. I bought only two, and when I replaced the marathons with them, the difference was between night and day. The vega amps are more solid bass with solid woofer control. The marathons tend to loose woofer control once you near top output. Anyway I loved them so much I bought two more cv 5000 , and not just because I loved them , but because the price was right, and I was extremely impressed with the toroid and capacitance in the power supply. Heavy as sin but I like it. I do know that marathon started shipping with two less output transistors per channel , because that's the way they came. The also arrived 66lbs shipped which is way under the 76 pounds net that I believe they are advertised at. I can't say for sure but I think the weights are lighter than advertised, possibly because they may have also decreased the size of the output transformer. It is way smaller in the marathon. Although the marathon are capable of some good power, they do not perform in my living room as good as the cv 5000s. What I may do is take two cerwin vega cv 2800 off of my cerwin vega strokers and replace them with the cv 5000s. The strokers easily eat up all the power the cv 2800s can give, and that's in mono. So I will be able to try the other two cv5000s. With the equipment I have here its not easy to get behind and around all this stuff to make changes, as its not on rolling carts and racks. Subwoofer SPL is anywhere you want it to be, in my case its in my living room, but you can have one in yours too if you want.
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Its a poor picture but this was when I was fooling around with just the marathons. Once I am done modifying the vega 5000s I will post them up for
interest. It doesn't cost much and I like to light things up. I even got par cans on the wall:)smile.gif
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Originally Posted by johnplayerson View Post

They deleted all my posts as they didn't like what I had to say.
What they didn't like was the way in which you chose to say it. It doesn't matter how important or valid the message, it will be ignored and the messenger dispatched if not delivered in an acceptable manner.
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Thankyou, but if they wish to restore my posts I will be more than happy to come over and discuss it over there. While I agree all my actions were not of top character, I am not the one that STARTED, the issue, and I tend to treat others in return the same way they treat me. I was treated like an outkast from my very first post on that forum. I did express how happy I would be, for everyone to see the lack of professionalism over there, however they didn't want that to be seen and thus my eviction, and post deletion. . Like I said I never started it, and if you wish to call my character flawed because I throw stones at people, when they throw stones at me, that is your and everyone else's prerogative.
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Now getting back to the CV 5000.smile.gif This is indeed exactly the same amplifier boards that are in the American Audio v6001 plus. The American audio I have not seen for cheaper than 999.00 each. The American Audio does have a built in crossver, however I and many others I imagine as well prefer to use external crossovers. Point being, even at full price the CV 5000 is a great bargain, and I believe the dbx crossovers, as well as the driverack pa are superior crossovers .

I would take the cv 5000 and a dbx driverack pa, over the American audio v6001 plus, as a greater value offering more flexibility with the external crossover being able to be used with any other gear you may have.
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Im sorry some decided to bring this issue over here. Some other comments.

Someone by the name of JUDGE DREDD, recently joined the cerwinvegafans forum, and made only a
few posts a few months ago. The avatar this person used had a helmut based avatar, which is very similiar to
the cerwin vega basher at speakerplans forum.(who also uses a helmut based avatar). 4 months after these posts were made, still no other posts by
this person. What does he post?..... The same type of sarcastic , derogatory comments, along with a picture that
of a cerwin vega amplifier which , at the time of posting, amounts to product misrespresentaton. Clearly the
person joined the forum with only one purpose, BASH THE CERWIN VEGA AMPLIFIER, then be on his way. Again the
similarities between these two id's postings, seem to be more than coincidental, but if not then we just
have two cerwin vega bashers.

Now on speakerplansforum the cerwin vega basher was a DEALER IN AUDIO PRODUCTS. I seen him offering both
crest and american audio v 6001 to forum members. What would the motivation be of a Dealer in American
Audio, to start a thread on the cerwin vega cv 5000 asking for thoughts and opinions on it? What does he care
he sells American Audio. I posted a response in a thread on that forum to a user who supposedly complains
about cerwin vega performance on the CV 5000. No one gave this person a response in over two months!!!!
All of a sudden when i give a response to this person explaining my experience, and that he should not be
having a problem, in walks MR. AMERICAN AUDIO DEALER. once again bashing the cerwin vega CV 5000 amplifier,
supplying the same 3 year old outdated picture of a cerwin vega cv 5000 amplifier. Any audio dealer who
is willing to publically bash another manufacturers product, immediately and stupidly puts himself in a
CONFLICT OF INTEREST POSITION. Further by supplying outdated information the same audio dealer commits
product misrepresentation, to the WORLD ON A PUBLIC FORUM, on products he does not sell. I dont mind dealers
stating thier opinions on products they sell!!, We know the dealer is selling his own products however and
govern our thoughts of their opinions accordingly. However dealers have no business bashing other peoples
products in order to sell thier own. Its a conflict of interest, its unethical, its unprofessional, and
frankly if I was Cerwin Vega, I would be contacting my legal department, and checking into liability concerns.
And if I was American Audio, and I had a dealer selling my products this way, I would look at severing
my relationship with that dealer.

Now again to deal publically in products, and not only bash another manufacturer, but to also, harrass,
and act like a bully toward consumer level members of forums is completely unacceptable and unprofessional.
When is the last time your QSC or CREST dealer has attacked you as a consumer, not just one on one, but
publically on audio forums. Is this the behavior we want to see on our audio forums? Do we want to ban all
people on our forums for pointing out this ridiculous and unorthodox behavior? I realize some people just want
to cause trouble, however my intentions are only to share my audio experiences, knowledge etc, with the rest
of the community in peace and harmony. The people that need to be banned from forums are those that are abusing
thier forum priviledges. To be speak sarcastically, Im so sorry i ruined this guys cerwin vega bashing parade!!
by providing proper information for everyone to make a better decision on the cv 5000. I could care less of
being banned from speakerplansforum. If that forum supports people like this, and throws out people like me,
I don't want anything to do with that forum. I AM JUST ANOTHER NO GOOD NEWBIE, THAT NEEDS TO POST HIS RESUME,
OR SUPPLY PROOF OF MY INFORMATION, before i can be accepted into the community of KINGS.

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has anyone put the cv5000 on the bench and given it a workout at 20hz in order to see how it holds up?

jp, don't worry about the other guys. you've got some good data and it is appreciated when you post it.
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don't let other bother you, don't let baggage hold you down and bring it here. let data speaks for itself.
wheres the 699 deal. i need a amp soon.
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that was my bad. a coupon was offered but at checkout it said that cv wasn't participating. gc is offering a 15% off coupon now that does the same thing...no go.
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Originally Posted by LTD02 View Post

that was my bad. a coupon was offered but at checkout it said that cv wasn't participating. gc is offering a 15% off coupon now that does the same thing...no go.

I love those freaking coupons. I've tried them with about 90% of their merchandise and it won't honor it. rolleyes.gif
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Originally Posted by LTD02 View Post

that was my bad. a coupon was offered but at checkout it said that cv wasn't participating. gc is offering a 15% off coupon now that does the same thing...no go.

Try chatting with a representative. I had done that to see if it would work and she gave me another code that worked for the cv amp. Your mileage may vary, but it's worth a try if you need this amp.
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I am still recommending Sonic Fibre. Try giving them an offer for a few amplifiers if you need them. I am posting more pics of the amplifiers with the fan mods.
You only got one 24 volt power supply, Two .016 amp computer fans work nicely and run quiet as a mouse. You wire them in series off of one of the fan connections.
If you want lights you can use another fan plug for the lights. Again I wired them in series . The original fans are 0.28 amp times two, so by using 0.16 amp computer
fans you will have plenty of MA left for the lights. I used the 12 volt 24 light led flexible Pvc. I cut it down to 15 bulbs per side to reduce the electrical consumption
closer to what is left in the 24 volt supply.
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Here is another pic of a cerwin vega cv 5000. They have no problem powering top of the line Rockford fosgate t2s to
their full potential. When the amplifier reaches it's last light before clipping, which is -10 db, you are only using 10 percent of
power of this amplifier, or about 300 watts per channel. The rest comes if you can reach clipping. I found it is easier to use
more amplifier power on sealed subs, and much harder on ported subs.
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