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Jamo speakers Thread

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Hi guys and gals .

I own a pair of Jamo cornet 70v speakers that is exleclent sounding speakers . I paid 50.00 cash from a pawn shop in 2006 , . I also own a pair of white jamo indoor/outdoor speakers there small but I use them for my surround sound receiver and they also are great sounding speakers . I would not mine to find a pair of jamo cornet 40v bookshelf speakers 4 of them for 7.1 one sound . My front speakers are cherry in color and the cornets 40v I want to be the same color to match . To my understanding jamo are starter speakers for people on buget . But if you ask me , there build with qualty and sound outstanding for the price . I remember hearing a pair in a record store in appleton , wi that also sold audio equpment also . I heard that the new one's are nowhere near the one's build in the late 1980's to early 1990's . as in qualty . I was wondering are or were the older jamo cornet speaker shielded for the CRT televisions . I was wondering that .
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You have a pair of Jamo Cornet V speakers. Place them next to your CRT TV if they aren't already there. If you see no distortion or discoloration in the picture on your TV then they're shielded are you're fine. If you're looking for the other Cornet speakers for surrounds that means they wont be near the TV anyway and you have nothing to worry about.

There are at least 4 pairs of Jamo Cornet 40 speakers on ebay right now. One says Cherry, another Mahogany. Not sure if those are supposed to be the same color or not. Could be the lighting in the pictures. The first 3 pairs are all version IV and look to be in very good condition.

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You know if jamo made a center channel for those speakers the cornet v speakers . I see they made the surrround speaker or bookshelf one's . Thanks for the ebay list . but right now it has to wait until i have some spending money for them .
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Dont know if they made a center. Never even heard of the Jamo brand when those speakers were available. You said you were looking to add 4 Cornet 40 speakers for 7.1 sound? That would imply you already had a 3.1 setup which would mean a center channel.
Thanks for the ebay list . but right now it has to wait until i have some spending money for them .

I thought you made your original post because you were looking for Cornet 40 speakers? confused.gif
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yes thats true But if they made a center channel alos , I would mine to have it as well
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Anyone had issues with jamo classic four bass issues? Hooked these up as main fronts and no bass? Tried test tone phase checking all good but no bass? My energy point 1 rears in 5.1 are getting good bass but no front bass? In stereo sound like Tin can speakers...... If anyone has a thought I would truly appreciate any ideas what I'm doing wrong here? Not a pro by any means but do know a little. Oh using a Denon AVR-3802 7.1 receiver. Ok I'm lost all!frown.gif
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try resetting the processor on your Denon receiver. Maybe something was screwed up?

Your Classic Four speakers have dual terminals. Is the binding strap connected between the top and bottom terminals?
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How do I try testing the processor? And yes the binding straps are connected to top and bottom! Thanks for the reply Afrogt!smile.gif
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Wait you stated resetting...... How do you go about doing that? Ughhh
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page 62 of the owners manual.

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Wow thanks! At least I know how to reset processor! Many thanks! But still no bass..... Maybe it's a hopeless condition!
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Any ideas on what may be causing this issue?
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i was wondering are the jamo A 200 HCS 5 Home Theater System good i order them, waiting for them to come i couldnt really find any review on them
so is it a good buy
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how much did you pay?
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here are some reviews. Never heard or seen these speakers myself.



If you can handle white speakers, this is a pretty good deal too. I actually have a pair of the satellite speakers in black/charcoal grey
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i prefer black to match my gadget but hey thanks allot for the responds an the reviews
i think reading the review make me happy for my purchase
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My jamo A 200 HCS 5 Home Theater System has just arrive going to set it up later
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hi all i am just about to go surround sound as i am an old man and going a bit deaf have just got a Onkyo TX-NS525 and looking at Jamo speakers as i have not seen a bad review on them will update when all set up.

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