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FYI, Home Depot uses a company to track returns - possibly the same one. They don't tell you the privacy policy so they might all be sharing. I had a valid receipt at HD recently but because I used a gift card for $6 of my $87 order they wanted my ID. I returned the whole order and won't shop with them now because of this b.s. And I'm not a chronic returner, I'm defensive against it because I had the receipt so there is no reason for my ID. If I have returns without IDs I never complain at handing it over.
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i just got hit with this crap this weekend. i had bought a transformer infinity tablet and exchanged it for a defect. the new one also had the defect (extremely bad light bleeding - asus is notorious for poor qc in tablets) so i decided to give up on it and returned it, ended up with a galaxy note 10.1 in the end. the next month i bought a camera that i really didn't like so i took it back looking to get a new one. the sales person there told me to just keep trying out the cameras until i find one i like because that's what they're there for. i only got 1 more after that then placed a pick up order in another city for a sony rx100 (i live 50 and 60 miles from the nearest 2 cities with bb). that weekend i couldn't find time to pick up the item so i had to cancel (aka refund). a few months back i placed a preorder for the galaxy note 2, expecting it to ship on launch day but i got an email a few days later saying it was backordered with no word on when it would ship. cancelled that.

for christmas i bought my wife a qumi which has defective top buttons. they no longer carry the model but seems i was on their poo-poo list and couldn't exchange, upgrade or anything with the busted product. granted i could have sent it out for warranty, but my wife didn't feel like waiting on it and wanted it now! i ended up having my dad return it for me and had no hassles. it doesn't matter what form of payment you use only that someone with an id is tied to the return. i had the fund back into my bb acct with no issue and ended up getting the w710st for $50 more and tons more quality from newegg.

i'm a silver rewards member and i buy a lot from best buy so it should just happen to be that i'd have a higher number of returns than an average consumer, but it doesn't go by your ratio of purchases, just returns. now come to think of it i also had 3 exchanges from work around may that i had to make for more defective products (routers and switches with dead ports or and 1 doa).

really had no returns (only cancellation of the galaxy note 2) in over 120 days, yet i was denied. the last return was in mid august for the camera. in that time i bought 2 blu ray players, a new gaming mouse, a new video card and power supply for work, a wdtv live, a nook hd+, 1.5TB portable hd, a video card for my cousin, and finally the qumi. so from now on i'll be sticking with online purchases. if i gotta have it now i'll just buy it from bb, the order it online and return the unopened one to bb. i'll have to rethink about buying from lowes and homedepot now too especially since i have to wait 90 days. i'm looking to get a new vacuum, gas range and washer, but i don't think i want to support any store that uses the retail equation.

and to think, i almost bought an epson 3010 they had on clearance for $1000 new in box.
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and here's a load of crap. they say all they collect is your dl# to track purchases and collect no personal data. i never gave the guy my name or address but they said that they're gonna mail my info to me. i asked why no email and his answer was that since it qas sensitive info they'd rather mail it. yeah, passing through hundreds on anonymous hands is safer than an encrypted emai. besides it's supposed to only be my returns data and nothing personal in it. rolleyes.gif
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I also got "blacklisted" for returning my asus infinity. Had to return it 4 times over the past year for various reasons. The latest came a couple of days after christmas. CSR said he could exchange but showed my the screen where I was flagged. Had to sign something that said I could be denied a return in the next 90 days. Pretty much looked at him and said I'll just have my wife bring it back if needed. I try to make purchases at box stores. Everyone should or there is going to be none left, but this may just finally put bb on my do not buy from list.
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I believe I read a lot of stores are doing this not just BB. I believe it was Home Depot? Anyways BB is accepting a few high end tvs for exchanges with no problems by reading the threads in this forum. I've never had a problem with BB and returning items.
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so far all i've gathered is macy's, home depot, sears, best buy, possibly jc penny. they're all linked so if you're on retail equation's list it's for all the stores. so be very careful where you happen to buy your next major purchase from.
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Yea, seems that these retailers don't care if your happy with your purchase, just buy it and keep the crap. They best customer is the sucker, if your not a sucker, they don't need you...
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