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Pioneer dvr310

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Went to try and record some of my direct tv playlist to my pioneer recorder and it would not read the discs. Tried multiple blank discs with same results. Tried to then play a music cd in it just to see if would work. Keeps telling me no disc. Could the laser have gone bad. Have not used it in a while and we just got our power back on. Have a few concerts I want to archive onto DVD. I tried resetting machine but still get no disc on screen. I don't think it's worth repairing. Are there any simple to use recorders still being made. Just need to archive from a direct tv dvr playlist. I don't think the pioneer has an hdmi hookup so needs to be hooked up same way.
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A HDD DVDR is a real nice way to go but even for a refurb Magnavox they're going to be ~$200. A basic Magnavox line input DVDR will be ~$100.
Your not going to fine anything with similar build quality and features like your Pioneer anymore, HDD less DVDRs are quite basic. For occasional recording of your DVR the basic line input recorder should work fine. If you like to get more than 2hrs on a DVD but still want decent quality, look for ones with 2 1/2 and 3hr speeds, the ones that jump from 2 to 4hrs don't give you much flexibility.
You could also keep an eye out on Craigslist.org. I occasionally see working HDD less Pios advertised for $25-40, of course you don't know how much longer they will last but that is an option.
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do panasonic or any of the other big names make them anymore
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Unfortunately not, Funai makes most if not all new DVD recorders for N. America. The HDD models have proven quite reliable but most of the others are.......well cheap.
I'm constantly on the lookout for second hand Panasonics(HDD models) but they are getting fewer and further between, Pioneers are even harder to find used.
Panasonic still makes a international Panasonic w/hdd but new they are over $300 and floor models(when they can be found) are ~$250.
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