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HMZ T2 - PS3 Settings

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Just got my HMZ T2 Headset. Needing advice on the best PS3 Sound/Vision settings for optimal picture and sound quality please.

First question is screen size, as the PS3 selected 72 inches for me, is this too big or too small?

Thank you. Richard
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The TV size setting you choose will only affect some 3D games (I noticed that some games disregard the TV size setting in the XMB and only rely on the 3D options within the game).

The smaller the TV size you set, the stronger the 3D depth in the game will be (again, if the game reads the settings, not all of them do). Most people will advise you to set it to the lowest size possible to get the greatest 3D depth, but from my experience the separation can be too much for some people's eyes which results in seeing double.

My advice would be to try a couple of different settings and test a 3D game with it, and see what works best for you.

The TV size setting will have no effect on non-3D games, and I believe also no effect on videos, not even 3D blu-rays.
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I recommend trying to lower the TV size value as much as you can. The consensus seems to be that people can get used to 3D effect over time. I know that is true of my experience. I had no issues going to realistic settings on my display, yet i had been viewing cross-eye 3D photos on youtube just before that. By realistic 3D settings, i mean that it is set in such a way that your eyes stare just about straight on at things on the horizon and appropriately crossed the closer they are.
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Since the T2 is dual screen the seperation would be the same reguardless.
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The separation wouldn't, that makes sense. But the point from which each viewpoint is rendered from should change as well yes?
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I suspect there's no easy answer to this question. Remember that the PS3 has no idea that you're using an HMZ T2 and is asking for a screen size, which you don't really have anyway. It's true that reducing the PS3's screen size setting increases the 3D effect, but you can definitely go overboard given your actual screen size. With my 90" screen for example, setting my PS3 to 10" gives far too much separation in a game like Uncharted 3 unless I significantly turn down the in game 3D slider. Fortunately with an actual screen I can physically measure the separation (the ideal is a maximum of 6.0-6.5 cm for objects which should appear to be off in the distance).

I suppose with the HMZ T2, since both "screens" are already separated approximately the distance between your eyes, the test should be for far off objects to appear to be in roughly the same place on each screen? That is, if the peak of a mountain in the left eye appears more rightward than it does in the right eye (when viewed with one eye), then there's not enough separation. If it appears more to the left in the left eye and more to the right in the right eye, there's probably too much. I don't have the device myself though (but curious), so that's just a guess.
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Some great comments to take on board, the problem I have neck ache from using the device for long periods, taking a few days off before I change the screen size to experiment more the 3D effect!
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