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AV123 alternative

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About 5 years ago I bought the X-LS speakers from ********** and really enjoyed them. Since they are now out of business I was wondering what other websites offer good speakers for a responsible price. Are the speakers on Emotiva any good?
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What is a "responsible" price?

If you meant "reasonable," can you unpack that to a price bracket? It is a somewhat subjective term, and can lead to many different answers, ranging from $200/pr to several thousand a pair, depending on the individual.
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Swan speakers (theaudioinsider.com), Aperion Audio, Ascend Acoustics, ummm I feel like I was going to say another but now I forgot.

I still have some X-LS speakers in the office, and ELT525T speakers in living room. I'll be getting some Ascend Sierra-1's to replace the ELT525T's in my living room pretty soon.
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I would add Arx Audio from The Audio Insider as well. http://www.theaudioinsider.com/manufacturers.php?mPath=13
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Axiom Audio is another internet-direct, but for two-channel you would do well to limit the search there to the floorstanding m60's and m80's I think (I'm told the m80's benefit from a large room). There's also Tyler Acoustics and Salk Sound, if your budget allows a little vertical movement smile.gif

Zu Audio and Tekton are two others I've been interested in trying, but I believe they both sell to brick and mortar retailers as well.
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Depending on the OP's definition of reasonably priced, I would also look at Soundfield Audio (I have a pair of the Monitor 1s and love 'em!).

Also, you might check out the GR Research thread on Audiocircle. Although GR Research sells speaker kits, if you wanted there are several great people in that forum that would be happy take care of building them for you for a very reasonable price. I've heard a couple of the GR Research speakers and thought they sounded great.
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If your price range is $600 or so I would recommend the Emp Tek E55ti's which I suspect will be on sale for that price somewhere around thanksgiving.
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Useless without a dollar figure, number of speakers, and room size. Knowing the use wouldn't hurt, and whether you are after including a sub (and your preference, if nay, for bookshelves vs towers)
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I have the original Ascends 340's and 170's. They've since come out with and improved SE's and then the Sierra's - first monitors, now Towers. I was told that the Ascends were very neutral, and very clear. They are. The SE's may be better but I never once was tempted to buy them as, it's funny, but the orignal's sound never changed when the 'new and improved' came out lol.

I've had the Ascends (a full 5 channel set with a 340 center as well) for seven/eight years now. I've lost a logo from one of my dust covers, but otherwise they still sound great.

And the price for those five speakers were very reasonable.

If I were in the market for another pair of speakers, I'd have the Sierra Towers with the RAAL tweeter at the very top of my list. Of course I don't know your system, your room, and your personal tastes, and there are a ton of great speakers out there, especially ID, so I'm sure whatever you end up with you'll be happy. Good luck and keep us posted as to what you end up getting.
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I really loved the original Ascends - I had mine for 3-4 years and regret selling them a bit... even having replaced them with a full set of Quad L2 series (better for music, but not for HT). The Ascends produce far better sound than their price and appearance suggest smile.gif
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