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What Equipment To Get

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We just moved into our first home. While we want to setup the Living room for our theater, we don't know what equipment to get.

The room is 20' x 25' with seating about 17' from the tv.
The TV is 65"

We've decided to get individual pieces so we can upgrade/repair at will. We found many of the prepackaged systems to have many compromises.

Our budget is about $ 1K.

Perhaps this is pie in the sky, and I would need to know that, but we are looking for:

1) AV Unit
min 5.1 surround,
Home network capable
Ipod/iphone integration
3D pass through ( for upgrading TV)

2) 3D Blue Ray/DVD player

3) Speakers

Below is a panoramic picture of the room.

Any hlep would be greatly appreciated so I don't have to reinvent the wheel.

. Living Room 5305k .JPG file
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$1,00 is not going to get much. My whole setup on a budget price point is $6,000. That is TV, AV receiver, Speakers, Blu-Ray.
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Actually this is the time to start looking for deals. Newegg has a pioneer vsx 1022 receiver with your requirements on sale right now. A blu-ray player is not going to run you much either with all the pre and black friday sales going on. The hardest part will be speakers that will be sufficient for that large of a room. Stay on top of the sales and you may be able to come close.
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I'd keep any eye on woot.com everyday to see if something comes up

and dealnews.com especially with black friday coming up.
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If you're able to do in-ceiling speakers for your room, some of the products from Monoprice work quite well. With some careful research, you can come in right around that $1K pricepoint. A BR player can be had for $100 these days, if not less, so your receiver is going to be where the issue most likely comes into play (provided you don't go with actual loudspeakers). I've always had good luck with Onkyo products. They're packed full of feautres for the price you typically pay.
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