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Speaker reviews from a new guy!!!!

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I am a new poster long time follower,.....I would like to preface this saying I am nothing of an audiophile so do not expect an accurate or "correct" review, this is just my thoughts on the speakers I recently listened to at 2 of our local stores. I am posting this hoping my thoughts on the speakers I heard will help the many experts we are blessed with on this forum nail down the best speaker for me.

I am looking to upgrade my TSC center and bookshelves,..if you have been around here long you may remember when this speakers where selling for next to nothing so I purchased 4 of the bookshelves and a center. I was upgrading from a Sony 5.1 micro system and the TSC was a huge improvement but the upgrade bug bit as soon as I heard about the new Pioneer line designed by someone important,...not really sure his name? So off I go today to hear and compare speakers, most importantly the new Pioneer 52 towers.

Here are the brands I heard;
Definitive Technologies
Martin Logan
Bowers and Wilkins

I will first say I was very unhappy with the Pioneers,..they would not be an upgrade over my 5.25 TSC bookshelves,....very thin muddy sounding. Reminded me of door speakers in a car???? This goes for the towers as well as the center so this was an easy no. So much for getting a deal!!

Next up where the Bowers and Wilkins,.. I listen to all the towers, centers, and bookshelves. Very pleasant sound, honest reproduction with no glaring faults. If my primary use was 2 channel music this would be much higher up my list but they just did not fill a room, nice sounding speaker though!

On to the most expensive of the group,..the Martin Logan ESL 8". My wife and I really liked these speakers, was the best at giving you the "band in the middle of your living room feeling" but at this price out of our range, and I am not sure about that weird looking grid mounted on it. (I warned you I am new at this LOL)

I am going to lump the Polk and the Klipsch together not that they sound the same but my opinion of them is. In there more expensive lines they are an exciting speaker to listen to, probably really good for movies only. There tone almost sounded fake or artificial to me, when listening to Miles Davis they almost added there own flair,.... not what I want in a speaker.

My two favorites,....Def Tech and Energy! Really liked the sound of these two. Nice rich sound that filled the room. It was really hard to fairly compare as Def tech likes to add subwoofers to there towers but adding a sub to the Energy makes it a really close race! I favored the Energy bookshelf speakers to the Def Tech but had a hard time comparing the towers. The smaller Energy bookshelves and towers CB10,CF50 did not sound near as good as the larger CB20,CF70 where as the smaller Def Techs did not lose as much when going to their smaller counterparts, SM45-SM55 or BP8060-BP8040.

So with this said I am still undecided on a purchase and out of options to hear locally,...maybe I have helped you help me find my next speakers!smile.gif I am leaning towards the Energy CF70 CC10 3.0 setup for around $1500 and I really can't spend more.
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Originally Posted by Browninggold View Post


Thank you for the link,......it was very helpful!
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For now since you are looking going 3.0, why not go with higher end speakers for L/R front where you do not have to upgrade but just add to a great sounding system. You could get 2 Klipsch RF7IIs in B stock for the budget you indicated.
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If $1500 is your limit on a front three, you have a variety of pretty decent options--especially if you're willing to buy internet-direct.

www.ascendacoustics.com - Ascend Sierra's across the front would be hard to beat and are within your budget: http://ascendacoustics.com/pages/purchase/advisor.mv#bottom (this would be phenomenal)

www.aperionaudio.com (offers free shipping both ways - so nothing to lose!)


www.axiomaudio.com (m60's and a center would be awesome) - I think there are M80's and a 180 center on www.audiogon.com right now within your price range, actually... http://app.audiogon.com/listings/full-range-axiom-audio-l-c-r-m80-v3-vp180-v3-2012-11-07-speakers-71360-kolin-la which would be AWESOME.

I think the Sierra's are almost certainly your best bet without going considerably higher in price. The front three in my HT runs around 6-7 x the price of the Sierra fronts, and I'm considering the Sierra's or the Sierra towers on my short list for a 2 channel set-up.

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I think the guy selling those Axioms is replacing them with Aperion Grand Verus line.
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I'm thinking of getting these myself- supposed to be very highly rated.
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I would like to take a shot at the Aperion Grand Verus myself - I've heard some really good things about them... I'd first like to give the Sierra's a go, however. I don't often see the Sierra towers come up on the used market, which is a good sign (same with Aperion, of course!).
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Hey Blazer when I mentioned "B" stock speakers and I purchased the RF7IIs I wasn't meaning for you to purchase the RF7IIs. Just putting it out there most speaker companies have B stock for sale. My 3 RF7IIs I purchased was less than 2 new with shipping included. I really like the clarity of the RF7IIs for music and movies. In the past I have owned JBL bookshelfs, Bose bookshelfs and Aperion 633 towers and Aperion 6T towers across the front. I would miss dialogues in movies sometimes, that hasn't happened with the Klipsch. No more upgrades for me. That's why I mentioned to get something you won't be needing to upgrade. I've lost a lot of money by selling past speakers over the years. Listen to the speakers you want and if you can only afford a couple for left/right front and have a phantom center I would go that route.
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I have heard a lot of good about the Ascend but are concerned that a small bookshelf with 5.25" will not compare to the larger towers such as the Energy CF70. It seems to really make a difference bookshelf-tower when comparing Energy,Martin Logan,Klipsch, and Def tech.

I would love to hear more about the Ascend Sierra's as well as the 340 series and how they compare to larger towers.
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fwiw,the focals listed above are a great value. another suggestion to look at in your budget are monitor audio bronze bx6 's $495 ea. and the matching bx center $300 at audioadvisor
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