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Idiot buys Faroudja Native Rate Scaler and then doesnt know anything about it.

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Alright, so I found a Faroudja Native Rate Scaler at a Goodwill, someone clearly donated their entire 2000 era home theater system. Anywho, I dont know much at all about home theater stuff but I thought it might be cool to get this unit so I can upscale my old game systems such as the Super Nintendo and N64 to a higher res like 1024x768 to play on my computer monitor. The other bonus is using the old game systems with my Hauppage HD PVR, a recording unit that I use to record gameplay of my Xbox 360 / PS3 / PC. The Hauppauge only recognizes resolutions from 480p and up, and doesnt record the weird 240p resolution that old game systems put out.

OK ANYWAY, IM GETTING TO THE POINT. I didnt realize these units have a fixed resolution? The sticker on the back says 800x600 and as such it seems I can only output 800x600, I was hoping I could output in 1024x768. Is there anyway to change this myself? There is very little info I can find on this, was the resolution setting strictly done by Faroudja themselves? Do they even offer this service anymore? Do you want to yell at me now? Clearly I didnt read that review well enough because you tell them the resolution at ordering. Bah.

Thanks AV duders.

EDIT: Something to note also, it says its firmware 2.7. Not sure if thats a good or bad thing.
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Yes, unfortunately the Native Rate series came locked to one resolution. The DVP-1000 is basically the same unit, but with user adjustable output resolution.
Back in the days the NR units could be send to Faroudja (or Meridian or whoever did the support back then) for unlocking or changing the resolution. This was still rather expensive though and I don't think that the upgrade procedure ever leaked.
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Yeah, bummer. I contacted the email of the guys that do support on this stuff now and they said it would be 150 to do it. Kind of neat that its still available, but not sure Im ready to drop the cash on it. It would be neat if the upgrade procedure was out there anywhere. Ah well, thanks for the info.
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Alright so, I can deal with the 800x600 for my old consoles, considering I just need to upscale so my capture card sees it. But now I've run into a different problem.


Heres a video, basically I cant get it to align correctly vertically. All the settings in the menu dont change it. Eventually if I reset the console enough it fixes itself. (As seen at the end of the video.) Any ideas or is this unit a lemon?
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no ideas, sorry. The DVP-1000 I had only a few months ago performed flawlessly on all material I tried.

If you try a 480i source and this works fine, then it might be the NR series in general that has trouble looking initially on to 240p signals.
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Ok, yeah I confirmed this was true. My laserdisc player works just fine. I think what I might try is finding a DVD recorder with SVID in and component out, use component out of the scaler to my capture device and the VGA out to use for playing on the monitor. Its a dumb amount of stuff for maybe a negligible difference to just putting the DVD recorder out to the capture card but whatever.

Oh also, my Laserdiscs have never looked better. Its just too bad 800x600 is 4:3 and most of my LDs are widescreen.

EDIT: Also, your guide to up scaling game systems is fantastic, thanks for that!
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