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$400-500 sub recommendations for my home theater.

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I'm getting ready to set up a small movie-viewing room, and my subwoofer choice is still up in the air.

The room is L-shaped. The theater space is 16' x 11', with another 12' x 10' space to the right of the seating area, and a 4' hallway leading away at the front-right of the theater. 8' ceilings, so it works out to about 2600 cubic feet, not counting the hallway. I'll be using a 100" AT screen which may block a portion of the hallway when it's down. The room is in a walkout basement, so the majority of it is underground. Vinyl flooring over concrete and plaster-over-cinder-block walls means everything is very solid, but the room has noticeable reverb. I'll probably quell some of that with an area rug. It's a somewhat compromised arrangement, but it's the best I could do while staying in my budget and still keeping my wife happy. smile.gif

My current plan is that the rest of the speakers will be Ascend Acoustics -- CBM-170 fronts, CMT-340C center, and HTM-200 surrounds. Everything will be driven by a Denon AVR-2313CI.

I'm hoping to spend around $4-500 on subwoofer(s). In my living room, I have a BIC V1020 that I'm quite happy with, but I want to go a step beyond that for my movie room. I was thinking that a pair of F12s would be excellent (one on either side of the primary viewing area), but all of the recommendations I've found recommend a single sub at that price range, and nobody seems to consider recommending pairs. I want the most theater-authentic sound I can get for that price. As an added bonus, I think my wife would be more amenable to the idea of spending $200 on a sub, and then I can convince her that we need more and buy the second one once I point out what's missing. wink.gif

Thoughts, advice?
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The Hsu VTF2 is on sale right now for $518, although after shipping it is closer to $600. That will sound much better than a pair of BIC subs. Your planned speakers are deserving of a higher quality sub than budget subs anyway.
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Believe me, I know I'm leaving a lot on the table at this price point. Someday down the road, I'm hoping there's a $1000+ sub in my future, like maybe the Rythmik Audio subs that Ascend recommends with their speakers. If things go well for me financially, maybe it'll be even better than that. The more I spend on the initial round, the harder it'll be to justify upgrading later. So, for now, I really want and need to stay under $500 shipped. Any other options I should consider?
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Grab the Klipsch RW-12d next time it goes on sale for $299 at Newegg. Good sub for the money. You'll have trouble doing any better without spending over $500. Might like it enough to convince yourself to get a 2nd later on smile.gif
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Okay, I've done a bunch of research, and I think the Klipsch is the right answer if I can get it at that price point. I've added a camelegg.com price alert for the Klipsch, and I'll buy it as soon as the price is right. Thanks!
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The new svs subs are hard to overlook at 499$
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I just posted that the Polk PSW110 is on sale at Best Buy for $125. One of their best deals of the week, at least $50 cheaper than I've seen anywhere else. I compared it against a bunch of $500-$600 subs and they weren't that much better. Figured I'd give you the heads up since you mentioned the wife was hoping you'd find something under $200. If you end up liking it, that's worth its weight in gold!

Check out the reviews on Amazon. Overall, very well rated. Good luck!?

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I wanted to hop onto this thread.

My Hsu STF-2 died on me and I need to buy a new sub.

Room dimensions are: 14' x 13.5' x 8' (1,512 cu. ft.).

Ive been reading these threads and have heard recommendations for some of the following: Rhythmik FV12, Outlaw LFM-1, HSU VTF-2, Epik Legend.

I also have seen some Klipsch recommendations. I tried out the SW-450 but dont know exactly where this fits compared to the other Klipsch subs. Is this a good alternative?

This will really only be for movies, not music. If it matters, I will be running it with a Denon 2112.

Id love any more guidance people have? Am I missing one I should consider? Does one of these stand out compared to the others?
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