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Hey guys,smile.gif

I'm new here but a big fan of the forum and it's saved me with many issues I've had in the past. I recently purchased a faulty Crestron Adagio audio server and I've been desperately trying to mend this little beauty of a product. I've spent a lot of time reading up and researching online and was wondering if anyone could help.

The system is fully working but seems to fail on boot, it's most certainly a hard drive issue but as we all know the os it runs on it not available to download online. Do you guy have any pointers as to what I could to fix it or is it the unit a write off and I'll just have to accept it will never see the light of day? Seems like such a shame when the unit is fully functional but hangs on boot. I've wired it up to an external screen and I can see the crestron logo spining but sadly it doesn't let me access recovery (which i've seen people talk about here)

Any pointers as to what I could do with this unit would be highly valued, we all know Crestron is a closed network which offers very little help if any. Please feel free to let me know any info that could help me fix this unit.

Much appreciated,

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