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I am currently on my second sony vlz620 remote. I like it, especially the first one. The first lasted a bit over a year, but this one already has the tv button going out on it after only 6 or 7 months. I have had a number of other remotes with the same results. I have come to the conclusion that I am pretty hard on remotes. I usually buy fairly cheap ones because I have heard that many of the more expensive ones are no better with regard to button longevity, and the only thing worse than having a cheap remote go bad inside of a year is having a more expensive one do the same thing. I would be willing to pay more if I knew it might last. I don't need much, but would like backlit keys, learning features and it would have to work with my next generation remote extender,(pretty much every aa and aaa battery powered remote I have ever used has worked fine). I don't need a screen on the remote (its fine if does though) and generally don't use macros (my setup always seems to be too confusing for macros to work right). I was looking into this one , but would be willing to spend upwards of $100 for one if it meant it would last. But I just don't know. I was also looking at this one too I have, however, owned cheaper models by both urc and philips which (as stated earlier) didn't last long either. I have never owned a harmony but have heard their build quality is not that great either. Any ideas?