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I have paid high dollars for Sony's top of the line XBR series, and it had clouds and flashlighting. I am just someone who is bothered by it and I always will be.

I had a Sony Bravia V series with a CCFL backlight, which we had to sell due to moving across the country, but that one did not have much bleeding.

Now it's time to buy again, and while I am partial to Sony, partial to LED, I would like to have an LED set that does not have backlight bleed.

I can never tell in the stores...but from my experiences with Apple products--ipads, iphones, monitors that are IPS--these have produced very little to no backlight bleed.
Same for their laptops that I have owned (not IPS).

I have had a thinkpad with an IPS display which also did not have any backlight bleed. It was an LED IPS for what it's worth.

Is it just true that IPS displays are less prone to backlight bleeding?

I am thinking about getting a Panasonic 55" LED tv

Or am I mistaken and backlight uniformity is purely luck of the draw.

I am specifically looking (or hoping someone can talk me into) the Sony EX640 55" model, and maybe if needed, the 55" HX750 model.

Thank you!