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Yamaha HRT-4065/RX-V473

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I've been looking at this receiver because it's specs say that it can play flac, has iPhone/iPad capibility and can access a NAS. My hope is that I can use my iPhone to access my music library and playlists via the receiver. Anyone have personal experience with this capibility with this or any other receiver? My searches on the web have not provided anything on the specifics and I don't want to buy it just to find out if it can do what I want, even though Costco has very easy return policy.
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Oops, that should have been HTR...
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I have this receiver (the 473). I haven't experimented with FLAC but it does play MP3s from my NAS (a Western Digital running TwonkyMedia). The control app for Android makes file selection much easier than using the on-screen display and that way you needn't turn on the TV. It can also turn it on/off, adjust the inputs, and select DSP modes and bass/treble adjustments. Haven't used the iPhone control app but I presume that it would work the same way. I also use AirPlay to stream to it from a laptop running iTunes, which also works very well.* If your NAS runs an iTunes server, you can combine the two functions.

If you buy one, do a firmware update when you get it home. Yamaha just released an update that improves stability when playing from a NAS.

Feel free to ask any other questions about this. Overall I like the receiver and I'd recommend it. The only "con" is that it doesn't have as sophisticated of room correction software as some competing brands, but I don't use it anyway.

* One caveat about streaming over Airplay is that it drains the battery of the streaming device since it's sending audio in real-time.
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So far, I have used MediaMonkey to rip a few CDs for my test media which reside on an external hard drive . Technically not a NAS, it's a WD Book 2TB drive, mirrored down to 1 TB. This is where my music is. My video is on a NAS and it's 3TB. MediaMonkey includes a media server, but I've also installed Tversity also. Whichever is the easiest and most functional will win, unless I find something better. I will be staying away from Apple and Microsoft solutions because I want to have maximum flexibility in the future. I also only want to rip 300+ CD once. More and more units now can interpret FLAC and I am hoping that will continue. In a perfect world, I'll be able to use my iPhone to turn on the system, tell it I want to listen to music, have a graphical display on my iPhone that allows me to select play lists or individual songs by artist, album, type, etc. The reciever will be pointed to my home PC, either directly to the folder where my music is or to a media server that is pointed to it, and magically everything just works. I may be dreaming, or maybe it will be a nightmare. But it does look like technology is finally reaching the point where all this may be possible. I should probably spend some more time seaching this forum on these topics. I can't be the first one trying this...
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Turning it on, selecting network music mode, selecting an audio file from the NAS (or Tversity server, etc.), adjusting volume, pausing, selecting a different song, and turning it off are all possible using the Yamaha smartphone app.

The only difference when using Airplay is that the control device must have the music on there (as opposed to just pointing the receiver to the files externally).

Honestly, it all works pretty well. If FLAC support is as good as MP3 support over the NAS, then you're in business. Given the Costco return policy that you cite, I'd give this unit a try.
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When using the Yamaha smart phone app, how usable is it? Can you easily see all of your playlists and a graphical display of your music sorted by Artist, composer, album, etc., or is like looking at a directory tree structure?

I suppose I'll end of getting it and see how it goes from there...
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The app uses a GUI but it's not as fancy as, say, an iPod with the little album covers. How the files are organized depends on how your server organizes them. Mine has an artist/album mode (i.e., pick the artist, then the album); that's what I end up using.

I haven't experimented with playlists, but the NAS has that capability so I'm hoping that the receiver would recognize them.

Here's a video of the controller app for ipad; the Android is similar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kgWL35Bw3l4

Edit: FLAC works, as do playlists (but again, they're dependent on your server software).
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Got a note back from Yamaha saying that playlists functionality is not inlcuded in their iPhone app, so if it's possible, it would be because the NAS software provided for it. I could sure use a 'Streaming for Dummies' book right about now. I'll continue my research on this. Next step, 'Everything you Wanted to Know About NAS, but Were Afraid to Ask". BTW, Costco has this receiver for $329. I can't find it any lower...

Edit: Didn't notice your edit. Looks like it cooresponds to Yamaha's.
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I paid $360 for my 473 from Crutchfield (using a discount); it's normally $399. $330 is a good price, especially since it's a legit retailer like Costco that will honor the warranty and that has a generous return policy should it not work out.
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The unit is being advertized for around $350 this week, but costco still has it beat by a few bucks.

I've had my initial turn on and firmware update. Started to use the iPhone and server funtionality. There are some problems that I'll get a better feeling for this week. It shouldn't have to do with my network because it's all gigabit connections and devices. I get "loading.." messages and it sometimes errors out. The areas that are likely at fault are Twonky on the WD 3TB NAS, the Yamaha and the iPhone app. Should be fun decypering. It's good that I work in IT, most people would not tread anywhere nears such uncertainty. I'll capture more info, do further research and post when I can.
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how does this compare to a Harmon kardon 1700? The HK is $250.00. Not sure which one to get.
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Originally Posted by Teletodd View Post

how does this compare to a Harmon kardon 1700? The HK is $250.00. Not sure which one to get.

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Originally Posted by Teletodd View Post

how does this compare to a Harmon kardon 1700? The HK is $250.00. Not sure which one to get.

The HK is now $199 until next Thursday at Fry's Electronics.
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A couple of moons later and after surviving the holidays (aka Christmas)...

After multiple sessions with Yamaha support, I was able to get their wireless box working and their iPhone App to connect reliably to the receiver. It was long enough ago that I don’t remember all the specifics of how we got it to work (like clearing all IP addresses, etc.), but the last issue was resolved by turning off everything (and I mean everything) and once everything was restarted, Ta Da. There is still sometimes a hiccup with the connection for the Yamaha App, but going out of the App and back in again usually resolves it. I am hoping that future firmware upgrades will take care of the remaining little glitches that sometimes arise.

I ended up putting all my music that I’ve ripped (FLAC) so far to my NAS. In the Yamaha App I can either connect to the MonkeyMedia server on my PC or the TwonkyMedia server on my NAS to access the music. The Yamaha App menus allows for selection of genre/album/artist, etc., although each is a little different such as where the Playlists are located. I feel reasonably adept at adding to my library, creating playlists, and using the Yamaha App. Much of this stuff just requires trial-and-error and learn-by-doing.

One outstanding problem has to do with how spaces are put in between tracks where there is not suppose to be a space, such as in the last half of Abbey Road. Yamaha refers to this as gapless playback. They say on their website that their Network Player does not have this problem, but at a couple thousand dollars, I’ll look for less expensive solution.

Overall pleased with the final outcome, although the transition was a bit bumpy along the way…
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