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Black Screen Issue

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I know I have read about a quick solution to my issue somewhere along the line, but I can't find it again. My HTPC is connected via HDMI to my TV, and every so often I will start up the TV(PC always on) and get a black screen. It is most often when there is no Live TV running on media center. I can press the remote buttons and start a recorded or live show, hear the sound, but no picture. Reboot cures all. I seem to recall some combo of buttons on the keyboard that would force the TV to do somewhat of a resync with the HTPC and get the screen fired up again. Anyone know that magical button combo? I'll be writing it down this time!

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I'm not sure you'll find a magical button combo. HTPC HDMI issues are apparently quite common. Had I known the HDMI interface was going to be so problematic, I might not have gone this route.

If you look up some combination of "HDMI handshake HTPC" you'll find lots of people attempting to solve the problem a number of different ways. I bit the bullet and bought a Gefen HDMI Detective to fix the issue.
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Make sure you are exiting WMC before you shutdown your system. I was having a similar problem and that cured it.
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