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Help me choose: Samsung UN46EH5300 vs Vizio E601I-A3

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Hi All,

I would like to get some suggestions and pick the brains of all the knowledgable people on this forum. I have been doing the research as my current LN40A550 is being retired to the bedroom and upgrading to something bigger and newer in the living room. After hours of research I still cannot decide on a perfect set.

Living room set up
5.1 Surround set up
Apple TV jailbroken and running XBMC
Media Center with MCE and a Cable card tuner for live TV

I would like a TV set that is going to last me for 4-6 years so I am looking somewhat at quality. The minimum size I want to go is 46" and the biggest is 60". My current dilemma is between these two sets with all the black Friday deals coming up. I would like 120HZ, and require 1080P. The smart apps on most of the TV's are nice, but not a necessity. My budget is $750. Both the Vizio and Samsung fall in these ranges. I have loved my Samsung for years and I am inclined to go that route, but switching to a 60" would be nice with my living room being a little larger after our move.

Also there are some other suggestions out there, if any of you know of them that fit these specs I am open to hearing your thoughts. I have listed some options below that I am considering, but from what I can read I think it would be against the Samsung vs. Vizio. I am not opposed to Plasma, just haven't seen a great Plasma on special and the burn in image worries me, even though this is not as apparent on newer models but the wife does leave the netflix paused occasionally for 15-20 minutes at a time. Correct me if I am wrong on Plasma myths and why it might be worth a second look. I am all ears

Samsung UN46EH5300 ($598)
46" with 120HZ, 1080P, love the thin bezel, review state a create picture and the backlit LED's prevent bleeding common in a lot of the edgelight LED TV's

Vizio E601I-A3 ($668)
60" with 120HZ, 1080P, also a thin bezel. I have owned a Vizio before, but from what I can see their panels and picture quality do not match the Samsung, the size is a factor in outweighing the picture, but will this hurt me in the long run?

LG 47CM565 ($398)
47" but only has 60HZ, 1080P, it uses an S-IPS panel which could be a benefit, but the viewing angles are not that great in the living room, so not sure if this will be of benefit? It does come with 3D which is a nice feature, but not a deal breaker, it is also ridiculously cheap, which worries me it will be bad quality, reviews seem ok.

Toshiba 50L2200U ($299)
50", 60HZ again, this seems like a killer deal, but I have never heard good things about Toshiba TV's

Samsung UN46EH6030FXZA ($647)
46" Seems like a great TV, but for the extra money is it worth it over the previous 46" Sammy I listed, besides the 3D, nothing really that different, and that is not a selling point for me. Anyone chime in if the picture is really worth the extra cash?

Samsung PN51E530A3FXZ ($579.99)
Plasma, honestly haven't done much research on this one, anyone chime in on this?

LG 47LM4600 ($699.99)
Another LG, heard good things about them, never owned one. I would think the picture quality on this one is far superior to the other LG, but is it better than the Samsung's which are cheaper? Also with it being such a thin set bleeding worries me.

Samsung UN50EH5000
50", seems to be a very similar TV to the main Samsung I am considering, but is the $100 more worth if for 4 more inches?

I know this is a lengthy post, but with so many options and me reading through so many posts so far I have come to the conclusion I could use some advice. Any advice you can give me would be appreciated, or other directions I can do some research. Spent way to many nights up contemplating this decision.
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I have the LG 47LM4600. Only had it for about 24 hours and haven't done any real tests and calibration yet. But I love it except for one issue I'm investigating still. I can't change any settings when 3d is activated and the picture seems to default back to one of the original presets, which sems to include heavy edge enhancement.

Other than that, I did calibration using the built in tool, and the resulting picture looked great. Plain old 2d 1080p blu rays look beautiful. Gaming doesn't seem laggy but I didn't do any in depth testing with a timer, but fighting games didn't play bad.
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Kaze0, thanks for the reply. How many pairs of 3D glasses does the set come with? The BF deal didnt say but I am guessing it comes with 2. Also I do watch a lot of ripped movies, have you watched anything from another format than a standard Blu-Ray such as MKV etc?

Thanks for the feedback.
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best bang for your money & go as big as you can, Vizio E601I-A3 or Samsung UN50EH5000
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Thanks for the website link, this site is fantastic and I am sad I didnt know about it before to compare models. I did notice on the Samsung UN50EH5000 the comparison website says the TV is 60HZ. I did need a 120HZ for fast paced sports. Samsung's website states that it has CMR 120 (Clear Motion Rate). Do any of you know what this is? I will be browsing the Samsung threads but if anyone can answer it quicker I would appreciate it.

My thoughts is that the Vizio is native 120 HZ, where the Samsung UN50EH5000 is native 60HZ and ups to 120HZ in instances when needed?
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It comes with 4 pairs of glasses. However I picked up http://www.hhgregg.com/lg-6-pair-cinema-family-pack-passive-3d-glasses/item/AGF216 Got those in a day and it comes with one really nice pair of good sized glasses, much nicer than wht came with the set. A smaller pair with frosted white plastic frames that was good for my wife. 2 children's pairs that seem so tiny, but I don't have kids so maybe I'm misjudging the sizes of kid heads. And it comes with 2 clips on for people with eye glasses.

I haven't tried playing any other formats on it outside of connecting Google TV and playing some youtube 3d content through that, but the Google TV box is doing all of the processing.
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