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My Little Set up

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Updated Larger Photos

New Bias Lighting

Pioneer elite vsx47tx receiver
Sony 55ex720 tv
Sony BDP-S570 Blu Ray player
Harmon Kardon T25 turntable
Paradigm Monitor 9 v7 fronts
Paradigm cc290 v6 center
Paradigm DSP-3200 sub
Paradigm ADP-390 v6 side and rear surrounds
Custom bi-wiring for fronts
Monster Power Reference PowerCenter 2500

Sorry not the greatest picture but you get the idea.
Next step is home theater seating and maybe some sound damping.
This is an upgrade from a Polk Audio/Denon set up.
I will take and post some more and better photos.
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Hey, not bad!
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+1 great looking setup.

But great choice on speakers :)

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Nice setup I like the Paradigm speakers
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Thanks guys
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NIce, any larger pics? I like the Bello stands.
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I'll take a few this week.
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Larger photos up. Also took a picture of the new bias lighting.
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