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How high over your speakers do you turn your sub?

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I know this is very subjective but I am wondering how much higher in volume do you run your sub over the surround speakers?

Audyssey has set my front speakers around -6 and the sub about -7. I manually turn the sub up to about -2 making my sub about 4 points louder than the surround speakers.

What do you do?

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I run my subs flat (equal) for movies. For music I bump it up about 6db's.

Btw, you really cant go based of the Audyssey settings to determine what your levels are. You need to (at least) use an SPL meter or other measuring tools to level match your system.
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I set my subs "equal" to my mains according to my Rat Shack SPL meter, so, IDK, ~2db or so hot based off of correction values. This is a slightly different (higher) level then Audyssey sets them on my 4311, but I don't really trust the level setting on my 4311.
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i do plus 5 decibles and itching for more.

why did you settle on -6 for the sub? i read over and over and over again that the best audyssey setting for sub should be +/- 3

i settled on -2.5 for sub (upped to +2.5 via denon 1712). front right and left are -1.5 and the other is -1.0 i think. ill have to look at it tomorrow now that you got me curious.
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Not sure what you guys are referring to as to setting subs over mains or speakers. ???

(We have a 5.2 speaker system)

We have the two subs level matched (63/64dB) with each individually measured at one meter with tape measure and Radio Shack, digital, sound meter. Combined, at the main listening position, the subs produce 69dB. At the main listening position, the combined two subs are set to the recommended 70dB standard which is +2dB over the original Audyssey XT setting. To obtain 70dB at LP, using the internal menu gain adjustments, the unit is currently set to -7.5dB, original Audyssey setting was -9.5dB. The center channel was bumped +2dB. All other speaker settings (mains and surrounds) have been left according to original Audyssey settings.

Is the OP asking, to what extent are we customizing speaker settings and what is our adjustment standard?

My understanding, at listening position, all speakers are suppose to be set to a 70dB standard using AVR provided pink noise.

Being that we're using two subs, I balanced the subs for equal output and then adjusted the combined sub output to 70dB. Our center channel was bumped a couple of dB for listenability. The gain for the mains and the surrounds have been left at their original Audyssey settings. Mains, center and surrounds have been left at original Audyssey set, large/small/LPF settings.

Is my above what the OP is asking about? ???

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I run my sub at around -5 db. I've run it hotter and then found with some movies that the bass was tooooooo overwhelming. I use my SSp-600 System Trims to take it down a notch or 2 if needed rather than adjust the main sub level in setup. Especially a movie like War Of The Worlds when the pods emerge from under the street. Oh my goodness, you talking about a house shaking experience!
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I run my subs 2dB hot.
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The truth was stated above. You cannot deterimine how hot your subs are relative to the mains based on the trim settings that any auto-EQ system provides. You must use a SPL meter for that determination. I ALWAYS double check the levels after an Audyssey run.

That being said, I prefer flat (based on uncorrected RS meter), so that may equate to 3 or 4 dB bump. I'm unsure as to how off filtered pink noise would measure on an uncorrected meter. My belief was that filtered PN stopped at 30Hz.

This is for listening at -10MV for levels calibrated to 85dB at 0MV.
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I have a pre-pro with Audyssey XT32. I set my more capable (15", 4cf enclosure) sub several db louder than Audyssey suggests. I guess I just prefer louder deep bass.
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I am trying to figure out what others are doing to see it what I am doing is in the ball game. Yes, I know all is subjective.

I have a SVS PB-13 Ultra as my main sub. I have it plugged down to 16Hz and crossover set at 50Hz,

I have two HSU MBM-12 MK2 mid bass set from 50Hz to 80Hz.

AVR crossover is set to 80Hz.

Audyssey sets my main in-ceiling speakers to a -5. I turn up the center to a -2 on Audyssey's scale.

The main sub was set at -7 but I had it turned up to -2. Tonight I turned the main sub up a little further to "0" which is 5dB over the main speakers.

In your opinion is that about right OR can I go up further without distorting anything while watching Blus????
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its all subjective and how YOU like it. I personally have my speakers set to 75dbs and my sub to 85dbs with pink noise and a rat shack meter. this is AFTER audyssey. I only use audyessey to correct the speakers in room response. the levels I use my own measurements. This usually leads to 4dbs or so the sub being hot. YMMV
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Depends on what I'm listening too. If it is a recording of a natural sound, ie some orchestral music or a vocals or something that has 'right' sound in real life, I like the FR flat. But if it is something that doesn't have a natural reference, like electronic music or some video game environment, or a nuclear explosion in a movie, I will run the bass hot.
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What I've being doing so far - with great results - is to adjust the AVR's LFE-SW output at 0dB, no matter what Audyssey says.
This prevents to keep the AVR's LFE output level from overloading the inpupt stage of the SW, as well as to keep noise levels below audibility (got that tip a long while from Alan Loft, over at the Axiom Forum). Volume knob level is set by 10 a.m.

If I want to set or trim the SW level for whatever reason, I use the rear volume knob though (very seldom used, matter of fact).

Oh, BTW, my 7.1 system comprises 3 X LCR SVS - SCS-01's, + 04 X S-SB SVS SBS-01's and the heavy burden is managed by an SVS PB-10 ISD, being all speakers x'd over at 80Hz (small, @ 75dB).

Bottom line: no complaints whatsoever smile.gif
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Audyssey set my 2 subs to -11 and -9. Sounded too low to me so I added 4 to each and now they're -7 and -5.

I understand that the subs are supposed to blend. If you don't notice them at all, then they're set correctly. I want to notice my subs so I turned them up.
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Here are my thoughts on it. Post #189 (read the links) and on. IMO FWIW yada yada

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