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Panasonic DMR EX773

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Hello, new to the forum - I have been lurking around on this thread http://www.avsforum.com/t/1010518/panasonic-dmr-hard-drive-data-recovery-it-can-be-done/60 and have hit a brick wall trying to resusitate my Panasonic DMR EX773 (Europe/UK model) after an over the air update failed and corrupted the firmware partition (it will not boot).

Having imaged the 160 GB HDD, I used HxD to overwrite the first 355 MB with firmware.txt from the thread above without success. I also tried dmr-recover.py script on the image to try and recover the movies without success (probably a different format from the DMR EX77 / US Models).

Panasonics website offers the French firmware:

I have extracted PANA_DVD.FRM, but this file is only 6 MB. It is designed to be burnt to CD then the update triggered via the on screen menus (this assumes the unit will boot of course).

Is there any way of decompressing/extracting the information from the FRM file (ideally I need the UK version) so I can bitwise copy it to sector 1 onwards of the HDD?

I did think about just putting the FRM data on sector 1 onwards. If it loads to RAM it may then extract and write the firmware to HDD and revive the unit, but it is a long shot.
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Panasonic DMR EX773 was never sold in North America: USA/Canada NTSC versions stopped with the EH55 series of 2006. The firmware of later deluxe PAL models like yours was more complex and may require advice from a European, Australian, NZ forum more frequented by owners of the unit. I'm sure someone will chime in here to offer at least partial assistance, as we have a couple of very skilled Panasonic repair techs posting, but you may need to dig a little further (or bring it to Panasonic repair depot).

Good Luck! smile.gif
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I wouold post your question here, on the UK forum rather than in the US forum. They will be MUCH more likely to be able to help you.

From experience here, with these kind of problems, it is unlikely that you will be able to salvage the HDD contents--sorry. frown.gif
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Thanks for the comments and advice.
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