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Covering IR Sensors

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I have a pioneer vsx-52. It claims the front sensor has reduced priority over the IR input. This is all fine but apparently the signals have to arrive within ms for an override. Else I just get a doubled action.

So now I need to cover the front IR sensor. Any ideas on what to use that can cover that but won't otherwise damage my receiver with sticky ugliness that wont come off. Also, that looks good and is preferably black?

I also need some sticky stuff for my IR repeaters. I need to re-stick over the sensors. And I would probably want to tape over the repeater that is taped over the sensor, again, to block the double reception.

I know what your thinking. If I have all this reception, why do I even need a repeater. Its because the reception is spotty. Using the repeater makes it work but then you have spotty double receptions.

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OK. I was due for another roll of black tape anyway...
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....or maybe pop the cover and do the blanking on the inside of the panel?
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I'm a little confused about your application. Why are you using the rear IR input if you already have IR going through the front sensor? Use one, or the other, not both. The rear input is designed to be used by a 3rd party controller in which you would eliminate the original remote. If you are using a third party control system, why are you still using the original remote? If you're not using the original remote, what is it that you have that is sending IR signals to the front sensor? IOW, why are you using both? You could eliminate your issues completely by just using one IR input, not both.
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Yup, pop the cover off and tape over the IR receiver with black electrical tape.
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