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Need Advice on Speaker and AVR Selection

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I am excited about installing a nice HT in my living room. I have been reading many of the threads here in AVS and there is a lot of information. I have been trying to figure out what components to get to maxamize with my budget.

This is what I have:
Budget - ~$1,000 - $1,100
Living room - 20' X 25' with 18' ceiling, the back opens up to kitchen and breakfact area, right side opens up to hallway to bedrooms and partially to dinning room.
60" LG Plasma
I already ordered 2 Polk Monitor 60's to use as my front speakers.

I would like to build a 5.1 surround and later (1-2yrs) add to make it a 7.1.

I have been thinking of getting the following:
BIC F12 for the sub speaker
Polk CS10 for the center speaker

I would like to install some in-wall speakers for the left and right surround, not sure which ones, I figure I need to keep the cost at ~ $150 for the pair.

As for the reciever I have been thinking about the Pioneer VSX 1022 or 1122.

I would really appriciate some advice on the speakers and reciever.

Thanks in advance!
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Anyone have any advice?
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I would say the Pioneer Elite VSX42 rather than the other two...

It's the same price...roughly...as the 1022, cheaper than the 1122, but puts out higher RMS watts per channel...and if anything else people don't seem to like it much.

I'm also very partial to keep a surround to one brand...I know that's not necessary but that's my opinion. Try some Polk in-wall speakers. I believe the RC55i should be around your price range for the pair if that's what you're limited to. If you wanted to try something else I recommend Sonance or Speakercraft...both pretty much specialize in in-wall/in-ceiling/architectural speakers and sound amazing.
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Typo - people don't seem to like the 1022 much...the 42 is pretty popular and reliable
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Thanks for the help.

I did look around and found a good deal for a Denon 1712. It is on sale for 270 + shipping. How does the Denon 1712 compare to the Pioneer VSX42 using a Polk speaker setup?
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Well just read that the Denon 1712 is factory refurbished with 1 year warranty...so I don't know if it is worth that price being refurbished.
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get the center to match the two polk towers
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2 year warrantee with VSX42 I believe and 1 year on the other two.

2 year warrantee on 1713 at the same price point

The Denon would have Audyssey setup and airplay but is 5.1
Pioneer has a 24-bit DAC and is 7.1

Idk if that helps...
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