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Transporting DLP 90 miles

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82" from Orlando to Tampa FL

I was thinking about taking the light engine out and laying the TV down so the mirror was resting on the floor.

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It was transported a lot farther than 90 miles standing up to get to you.
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The problem is.. It might not stand up in a van. And in factory transport it had a box around it with styrofoam.
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Personally, I'd hire a local mover, who might have a small, economical truck for short moves. There are some who have a lot of experience with these big sets, who will pack it up, protecting the screen, and strap it down. That's what I did.

Then you have no worries.
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I wouldn't worry about it, these things are manhandled and not packaged very good. As long as it doesn't fall over it should be fine. I would stand it upright and strap it down.
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If standing it upright is not an option, should I take the engine out?
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I wonder if you might induce screen sag by transporting on it's side.

If you don't want to hire a trucker, how about getting the smallest rental truck?

Here's a discussion on the same subject on another thread:


And then there's this from the following thread:


"The DLP should definitely not be placed on its side and in fact is supposed to remain on the blocks all through the shipping process.

I was fortunate in my purchase from Paul's (an 82740)which was shipped from California to Maine. I had emphasized when I purchased it that it had to go to the second floor of my home and thus definitely required two people to get it set up for me in the home. I also was able to contact first the initial shipping company and then the local company. The latter agreed to have two men do the work which actually required that they have two trucks show up at my home since they only have one driver per truck. I had emphasized with them the necessity of keeping the DLP completely upright, etc. and fortunalely all went well.

While you are at the mercy of the local delivery people who bring the DLP to you, obviously Paul's bears the ultimate responsibility. But, unless you happen to be in a local delivery area for one of these dealers (eg. Walts, Paul's) you run the same risk every time....but hopefully eventually one will get there in one piece."

(Sorry...I'm too tired to edit it!)

Then there's the experience of this guy in Malaysia on Yahoo answers:


If it were me, I would not place it on its side.
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I moved my DLP upright in a light truck about 50 miles. All I did was seal it in that mover's saran wrap type stuff that comes on a giant roll and strap it down real good. I think I put a put some furniture between the tv and the tailgate just to be safe but the straps held just fine. That was almost 2 years ago and the tv still works perfectly.
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if putting in the back of a truck make sure you wrap a blanket around the picture screen, screens have been known to get sucked out of the tv if you just put it in the truck without something to hold it in place
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