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Best front speakers for less than $1500???

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I've been doing a bit of research to replace a pair of $500/pair front speakers from TheSpeakerCompany , which happen to be the TST2's, and I've narrowed it down to a few different options. However, I'm wondering how my research/conclusions compare to others. So, as the title states, what would you consider the best front speaker setup for approximately $1500? If it makes any difference, the speakers will be paired with a Rhythmik Audio FV-15 15in subwoofer.
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Look at Monitor Audio Silver RX6 - they are nice

Focal Chorus 716V
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There is a deal I will recommend to you, but it is TODAY ONLY and ONLINE ONLY!

KEF DIRECT has the iQ90 speakers, which list at $1500 per pair, for $660 per pair.

They would be a good deal if you could get them for $1000-1200, and for $660 they are a steal.

These are very fine speakers! I had the iQ9 speakers in one system at my old house for several years, and they were excellent. The iQ90 is essentially the same, with minor upgrades.

The BEST speakers I know of in that price range are the PSB Image T6 speakers, which sell for $1300 per pair. The iQ90 speakers come very very close to equaling them though, and nobody is making any deals on the Image T6 that I know of.
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Klipsch RF-82 ii, without question.

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Kef Q900
B&W 683
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