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A little help for a newb!

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I am on a mission to build some awesome musical front speakers. I would prefer towers. Now I would like to spend $1000 or less for my first build. Now the thing is, i would consider myself a DIY type of guy. I paint houses, fix toilets, fix garages doors, but I am mainly a desk jockey by trade. That being said, i don't know anything about soldering, schematics or the science behind building a great stereophonic system. My father has every single tool you can think of though. If you guys could point me to where you guys started to learn about this wonderful world of DIY speakers, I would be grateful. I was looking at the SEOS12, but I have no idea how they will sound or why someone would want to use a horn vs a ribbon. Thanks for your help.
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There's an incredible amount of information and knowledge to gain from this hobby, it can take years to really get an in depth understanding of things. A good place to jump in would be here


If you're trying to figure out exactly what you're going to like before taking the plunge, you really cant without gaining real experience first. You'll have no shortage of people telling you "such and such is the greatest" but really you wont know without hearing and comparing various systems. Starting out with a few different small/cheap kits (x-overs assembled) is a good way to break yourself in.
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And try to attend a DIY event if you're serious, as they provide both a chance to listen to specific DIY designs, as well as "social time." You'll come away with a far great appreciation for the uniformly good quality folks are achieving these days, and perhaps some experience listening to horns and ribbons so you can form your own opinion what you like.

HAve fun,

PS there's also a master list of DIY designs... ungainly large but very informative.
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AVS also has list of completed speaker designs: http://www.avsforum.com/t/1334432/master-index-of-diy-speaker-projects/0_50

If this is your first audio DIY project, I strongly suggest that you start with an existing design. If you want to know why, Paul Carmody has an excellent write-up on the subject.
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Thanks gents for your input
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