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MARANTZ SR7007 for $1295.00

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I just paid $1800 for mine. I know others have also.
Can't tell if it is a gimmick, or there is fine print I am not seeing, or if it is for an open box or factory refurbished unit... I don't know.
BUT, they are advertising them for $1295.00

I didn't realize it was a no no,to list the name of the company. Google "Marantz SR 7007" and you will find it on top of the page.

I have no affiliation with the company. I have never bought anything from them, so this is not a plug for them. I paid retail like everyone else and bought mine from RedFli..
If you buy one or find out it has a catch I didn't see, please let us all know.
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Doesn't appear they are an authorized dealer. You have to pay for a waranty from what I read on their site. You have to call to get prices on a warranty. Maybe I missed something.
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got mine for about 1435 + tax from a certain retailer who started to match online prices. I took a screen shot of the site with that price and went to the store and see if they match. the sales person was surprised that the manager match it. Guess i got lucky
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I believe they are a "members only" online store, so you have to pay an annual membership fee of $500 or so to partake in the savings. I can't remember the exact details, but I called them a while back out of curiosity. Seemed really sketchy, like one of those home builder trade show deals, pay $1500 to get in and save up to 50% on all your building supplies. Great savings if you are building a whole house, but evens out on just a renovation, and costs more on just a piece or two.
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