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1st screen purchase- opinions?

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I purchased a house with a "bonus room" years ago and am FNALLY getting around to getting my 1st HT together (the room was flooded from a hurricane a few months ago, so being someone that likes to find the "silver lining" in things, I figured it was a good time to get the project underway) Construction is FINALLY nearing completion, and I am about to start ordering my "toys".

The room is roughly 18ft. deep, 13ft wide, with 10.5 ft. ceilings. The wall where the screen is going is 10.5' w x 7.5' H. I haven't yet bought my projector, but have narrowed it down to a couple in the 1500.00 range. Looking to spend around 300-500 on the screen.

That being said, here's my predicament- It is HIGHLY probable we will be moving in the next 12-18 months. (one of the reasons i am not going "all out" on my first build...). I was originally looking at an Elite manual pull down, since the re-location/portability seemed to make more sense. BUT- I am also concerned with the "waves" and wrinkles people talk about. I have been reading here on the forums, and doing some searches, and have read a lot about the "D-Lite" screens, specifically the "Model C, HP".

Anyone have any experience moving a fixed frame screen? That is my biggest concern, really, and why I am leaning towards the pull down- it doesn't ever NEED to be retracted- the room is a dedicated HT room. (also, the pull down has the added bonus of being a little more flexible if we DO move somewhere where I don't have the luxury of a dedicated wall for a 120" screen. (the size I am THINKING I am going to go with. Still doing testing to decide on that...)

But again- the wrinkle/wave thing will drive me NUTS, if after all these years I get everything together and that's what i have to contend with. Can anyone help push me one way or the other?? wink.gif

Thanks for any advice. I am an avid movie/game buff, but this is my first real foray into a true dedicated HT.
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For $300-$500 get a fixed frame and leave it if you can not take it apart to move it. This is an entry level screen and as such you may want to upgrade when you get to the new house.
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Thanks- that crossed my mind as an option. Even though my time may be limited with this setup, I am thinking I would rather enjoy a fixed screen now over compromising on a pull down which I may inevitably be disappointed with. IF my construction is completed on time, everything but the floor will be done this weekend- after that i'll update here on what I ultimately decide on. (still researching Elite/Jamestown/Da-Lite etc... for fixed options- there are some great threads here on these so I have plenty of homework to do...cool.gif )
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