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looking for adivce on screen size issue

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I have a projector setup in my basement.

VIP3D Theater, Acer 3d Projector, Onkio Reciever, appletv, xbox360, ps3 and cable box.

everything works great. actually just streamed men in black 3 in 3D on my apple TV last night, and it was great!.

my problem is the image doesn't fit my screen, and its starting to annoy me.

I used to have an old Panasonic projector mounted and it was adjustable to fit the screen just fine. but since I replaced that a few years back I cant get the acer to fit the screen.

problem is the screen and the projector cant be moved (without making a mess)

pictures attached of the issue.

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I dont think there is going to be an easy solution to your issue. One of them is going to need to be swapped out it seems. Im guessing your PJ just isnt able to make the image small enough, correct?
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Why won't it zoom in? Sorry if that's a stupid question, I guess it must be different on 3D. You'd have to get a bigger screen if you want to keep the projector or else reposition the projector. This is why I loth to set up my projector. I don't have a dedicated room for it and it's a pain to get it to look right. LCD's are just easier.
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Projectors have a set zoom ratio where they can only zoom so small form a certain distance. Thats why before buying a projector you want to try to use a calculator, like the one at projector central or something like it
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Correct , there are limitations to different projectors on how much they can zoom

And this one is zoomed in all the way.


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Yeah, I know there's a limit in zooming, just didn't know it was at max. Doesn't look that far away from screen.

Possibly, looking at your mount, could you add a metal adjustable slide or extender where it connects to your projector or at the arm where it comes down. Looks like it's going to need to slide forward between 12 to 18 inches. That would be much easier than remounting it. Maybe just dismount it and stand on a ladder and hold it there to you have the right position and then see if it will have to go pass your drop ceiling first.
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ya I have moved it forward to where it needs to go and it is about 13" . not far.

I went and got some heavy duty pvc pipe, a U some right angles, some straight pieces. and kinda jimmied an extension but it was to heavy.

need a pipe fitter to make the same thing maybe. might be stronger.

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