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Help - no sound from subwoofer

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Hi, i cross posted this in the subwoofer thread, but haven't got any response. NOt sure if this is a sub or receiver problem.

My Bic F12 sub has been working perfectly. I recently moved so I unhooked it, packed in original box and packing and it was carefully loaded onto moving truck by professional moving company It was unloaded, unpacked and hooked back up. All of a sudden I get no sound. All speakers work except Sub.

I get green power light.
Checked fuse and it looks ok
Checked connections, and receiver settings.
Volume Uo
Crossover on 80
Tried different cable
Tried plugging into one of the pre-out terminals (front and center)

During MCACC setup
Confirmed Sub was set to Yes
I don't get any sound from the channel tests (all speakers work buy Sub no noise)
All speakers set to small
Auto speaker setup also fails to detect sub

I don't have another sub to test (i don't think I can use my polk tower speakers as a sub to test if sound is coming from subwoofer out on speaker)
I don't have another receiver to test to see if there is a problem with subwoofer out connection.

Not really sure how either the receiver connection or sub could go wrong when it was working fine two days ago and the only thing that changed was an unhook and re-hook

Any other ways I can test to identify problem.
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I'm not sure if this will help. But I literally had the exact same problem with my Cambridge powered sub yesterday. I had to disconnect everything and move it. I noticed after a day or so 'post-move' that my sub wasn't firing. I did the speaker test and sure enough, no sound from the sub. So I set to work on the connections as you did, checked the fuse, etc. I got it to fire after I turned the power switch on the back of the sub to Auto. I did an image search for your Bic F12 and it looks like you have that too. Give it a go.

Side note- I had the cable for the sub unhooked and just touching against the sub input on my AVR when I found this solution. The way I knew it worked was the cable went active, I saw a spark fly, and my AVR is now dead. Not happy today. But at least the sub works now (I think). frown.gif
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thanks for reply. yea I tried with my switch in both auto and fully on. I normally always keep the switch on Auto, so it was there by default. but when the sub wasn't firing, i switched it to On to make sure it wasn't a probably with the frequency kicking it on or something.
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Pull the cable from the AVR's sub pre-out and rub your finger over the tip. Hear static from the sub? If yes, the problem isn't the sub; however, if no, try replacing the cable first.
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