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Version is now available.
This is largely a test build with several changes an improvements. I think its mostly bug free, but with everything it does, I haven't had time to test everything extensively. I'm expecting there will be a few bugs, so please report them as you find issues.

Please see the changelog for a more or less complete list of new features and fixes. There are too many to list here.
Highlights include:
-Trivia questions support with Q and A
-caching and playback of local trailers
-option to autoplay trailers
-motionposter support
-now includes mplayer and youtube-dl exe's - no more need to manually configure
-extra checks for now playing status

-also note that the folder structure for the cache has changed. if you copy your 'old' cached files to the cache directory, they will automatically be converted to the new format.
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This is such a great idea. It beats the crap out of mine.....

10 Movie posters down the office hallway.

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For me, it does not seem to work. Double click on the .exe and nothing happens. Previous version worked just fine.
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Huh, your right. I just tested the download on another machine and its not working, although my dev build runs just fine. I'll remove from sourceforge until i figure out whats wrong.
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ok. version is uploading now. it seems i forgot to copy a referenced assembly to the release directory...
Also, for anyone who wants to try out the motion poster feature, make sure you have flash installed.
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This is great
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This is amazingly cool. If I ever get one setup, I will definitely paypal you.

It would be fantastic if it ran on something like this:
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Paypal sent.
A feature request..... is it possible to mute the sound of the trailers? I have this running off my secondary monitor of my HTPC and can't use the pc with this running without the trailer audio track playing.

Thanks for a great program!
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Thank you very much for your donation! I really do appreciate it. I was starting to think that interest in the application was dying down.
I do have plans to implement Volume control including mute so you can look for that feature in a future release. For now, if you don't want to ever hear audio for the trailers you could try to change the audio output device to something other than your primary audio output, if your htpc has multiple audio outputs anyway.
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Version is now online

This version includes volume control for the trailer playback as requested. Use the web interface to adjust the volume and toggle mute. The mute toggle is stored in the application settings so it is persistent even when MoviePoster is closed and reopened. You may also use the + and - keys to control the volume. 0 toggles mute.

I did make some behind the scenes changes to the code that I've been testing. However if you tun into any issues, please let me know. Basically, in past versions, MoviePoster would retrieve a list of posters to be displayed and fetch their posters and metadata. They were then all stored in a queue for display. Because of this MoviePoster could start to use up a significant amount of memory if the movie list got rather large. So, as of version the posters and metadata are no longer stored in memory and need to be loaded either from the cache or themoviedb.org before a particular movie will display. The result is far lower memory usage, but slightly longer transition times between posters. This change did require modifications to the code in several areas, so hopefully i didn't cause any new bugs.

As far as running on an android stick, i agree that would be ideal. I've never written an android application before, but I will look into porting it over. I cant promise when or if there will ever be a release for android though. Unfortunately my poster display was built on the cheap, and doesnt have a functioning hdmi port, so the android sticks wouldnt work on my setup anyway frown.gif
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If I had a vote.. Id vote for raspberry pi code .. I heard a rumor that the next version is supposed to have wifi embedded on the board and as for your limitations with HDMI the Pi has the RCA jack. wink.gif
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Well since the audio no longer disturbs my HTPC use and the dual monitor usage is excellent, I no longer have a need for an android stick or raspberry pi.

Awesome job, Meyer64!
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I still want it so that I dont need an HDMI cable running to my display .. thats one reason I havent hung it up yet .. Id kill for some wireless power options too! smile.gif
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I just came across this thread. Fantastic work! I am starting construction on the basement in February and this will definitely be incorporated.
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Quick question. If I am using a dedicated computer for this, where would the feed come from if I am not using a HTPC? If I use an HDMI switcher to feed the pc from my receiver and then an hdmi then to the display would that work? Thanks and sorry that this is over my head a bit.
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Are you using a monitor with it or on your main display? If you're using a dedicated display for the MoviePoster (I'm using an old monitor mounted on a side wall of my theater), you don't need to do anything other than connect it directly to your computer via VGA, DVI, or HDMI cable. I have mine connected as a secondary display to my video card.
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Thanks Robert, I would be using an older computer I have lying around with a dedicated display for the movie poster. So basically a full stand alone system for the poster display. In order to show what is "now showing" the information of what is playing in my theater would have to come from somewhere. Since I am not using a HTPC, just a blu-ray to a receiver via hdmi, then hdmi to projector. I'm just not sure how to feed the information from my receiver to this dedicated movie poster PC. Thanks.
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Just connect your computer to the Internet and Bob's your uncle... wink.gif
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Thanks again!
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Im not 100% sure .. but if you are using a stand alone bluray player and not an HTPC I dont believe you can pull any "now showing" information. That and the data that pertains to our movie collections gets shared from our HTPC's via XBMC. However as mentioned if you just want recent movie posters you can just connect the PC to the internet and it will download posters and display them for you or you could build your own poster "play list" and have it rotate through them.
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Exactly Correct. Without an htpc running xbmc there is nothing to tell MoviePoster what's playing. But like fallenangel mentioned you can still use it to download and display posters. If you really wanted to you can use the Web remote to manually select the poster for the movie you're watching and then pause the poster.
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Understood. Exactly the info I was looking for. Thanks guys!
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Hey Meyer .. how hard would it be to adjust the code to remove the extra "stuff" like the now showing banner and coming soon as well as the added info at the bottom of the screen? I was thinking in a case like with Teamabcd he may be happy just streaming posters without the added info .. since he wont be pulling start/end times and there wont be added quality info regarding audio or video. He may just be better off with something that only displays a poster and nothing else and he can pull that from a playlist or just random from the internet.
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Not hard, but I'm not sure what you'd really gain by explicitly not showing the extra "stuff". You won't have any more space for the poster area unless you crop the sides to make it fill the 9:16 aspect of the screen. The start and end times are only shown when the data is available from xbmc anyway, same with the metadata flags at the bottom of the screen. I can, however see how it would be nice to manually select a poster and have the "now playing" banner instead of "coming soon" in a situation like that.
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I forgot about the AR issue .. it would make it tall and skinny if you forced it to the 16:9 .. Hmm Ok .. I guess I have to build myself a special LCD tv that fits the true AR of movie posters wink.gif
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I just need to add to this thread and say "Thank You!" for an excellent program. It's easy to use and works extremely well. It certainly makes me think about framing a LCD and hanging it on the wall instead of using static posters. Thanks again!
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For those who really want to try an android stick, you could try https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=rs.in.luka.android.poster
It works well as a rotating poster frame, but does not include trailers or motion posters.
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i'm a .net programmer and just began android development, although I doubt you want any developers working on your budding idea. I just paid over 1K for a backlit poster frame, those need to go out of business ASAP compared to what you're building here. Get a cheapo TV instead of a smallish' monitor, can easily be all done under 1K.

What you're doing here (packaged with a TV) is worth 1K in itself!
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Originally Posted by fallenangel1 View Post

If I had a vote.. Id vote for raspberry pi code .. I heard a rumor that the next version is supposed to have wifi embedded on the board and as for your limitations with HDMI the Pi has the RCA jack. wink.gif

I'd vote for this as well. The pi would be a perfect platform for something like this.

For those worried about HDMI, I use a simple HDMI -> DVI cable to connect my pi to a desktop monitor with no troubles smile.gif
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Yes it would be sweet to convert the UI to something cross-platform compatible and run it on the pi.
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