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Weak bass from fronts on Denon 2112ci

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I recently got the following:

Polk Monitor 70's for fronts
Polk Monitor 40's for rears
Polk CS2 for center

Denon 2112ci receiver

I was going to try to go without a sub for awhile and let the 70's take care of it, but the bass is severly lacking. I read a ton of reviews that stated these should be able to hold their own.

Are there any settings on the Denon I need to set to get them to go lower? They are set to full range, I set the Denon to no sub...
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Nope .. full range is wide open ... if the bass is lacking ... the speakers just can't handle the low bass.
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They are rated down to 30, yet dont feel like it.
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On paper, but perhaps not in your room in their current location.
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How are the 70's set up right now, close to a wall, in a corner? How far are you sitting from them? did you run audyssey and enable dynamic eq? what is your source?

I know in my room my 70s produce enough low frequencies to impress me with music, though with a sub it is better. Even on movies I have been impressed. When I first got my 70s and was running only a stereo set up off my old denon 1611 the bass while watching inception on blu. was impressive, again not as good as a dedicated sub, but enough to wow me for a moment.
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Not near a wall or corner, about 5 feet from them. I am in an apartment still (will be in my first home in like 7 days, which is why I got this setup).

I did run Audyssey, not sure about dynamic eq.

Sadly these don't even scratch the surface of what my 8 year old Logitech Z-680 sub would push.
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Audyssey should have caught any speaker wires that have been crossed but you might want to check just to make sure that you have + to + and - to - from the receiver to the speakers. That'll kill bass more than just about anything if the wires are crossed.

As for speaker placement you should experiment for best bass. I've never had good bass from speakers close to a wall or corner but having them 5' from a wall seems a bit far out too. If you have the room move them around and see what results you get.
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