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How do I use passive bookshelves with my PC?

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So I want to do a 2.1 setup with passive bookshelf speakers for my PC. I don't have a receiver... and don't really want one... so how can I make this work?

I initially thought of getting a sub with a built in high-pass filter such as the Rythmik F12, then using an Emotiva Amp to bookshelves. I currently have a USB DAC with RCA outputs, so it would have been like this:

PC - USB > DAC - RCA > Subwoofer - RCA > Emotiva - Cables > Bookshelves

However... this leaves me without volume control.

I think what I need is a pre-amp... but I don't know anything about them... and not much about audio in general.

What is the best way to get a badass PC 2.1 setup? Budget would be around $2k.
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Hi Aetherh4cker,

Welcome to the forum.

You can control the volume in software on the PC, as I do on one of my systems. Since accessing the volume control in Windows is a pain in the neck, I use a Griffin PowerMate for my volume control. It plugs into any USB port and can directly control the PC's master volume control (or almost anything else).

Wikipedia link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Griffin_PowerMate
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I've been thinking about one of these for a couple months now to run to my amp -

Or since I don't need more than maybe 10w while at my desk, eliminate the small amp on my desk all together -

Both can be mounted in a desktop PC case, as long as there is a free 5.25 inch drive bay free.

There's numerous small preamps you could get for switching and volume control. But you don't really need switching for inputs more than likely. And if you're going to go that route, might as well get a receiver or integrated amplifier (preamp + amplifier. Like a receiver, but without the built-in tuner). Hell, I got a great Kenwood integrated amp off ebay about 3 years ago for next to nothing.
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