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New HDTV dilemma...

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I'm putting together a HT system for my newly remodeled basement. I'm looking for something in the 60"-65" class. Here's the dilemma: I've always been frustrated with the redundancy amongst AV components, both on the audio and video side. For instance: I have 3 HDTV's in my house, all with tuners, but I don't use the tuner on any of them. I tune with the cable box. Why should I waste money on a TV tuner? My current main set has all of my video sources running into the HDMI inputs. That means I have an AV receiver that has loads of HDMI ins and out that aren't used at all. That's a waste. Would it make more sense to just get a display and connect it to an AV receiver? Is a 60" monitor with a single HDMI input even an option? Would I be spending more money by not going the traditional route?
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Could try the Panasonic Professional series - but doubt you will save any money..
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Is there a reason your not going through your AV receiver?? Most if they can use the AVR then have one cable from that going to the TV. There are some professional models models available (sans tuner) BUT usually the cost ofmthosemis much greater than one is willing to spend. Good luck with your search though. Most people just buy a TV wink.gif I dont think I've ever seen anyone complain that a tuner was a waste especially with more and more cutting the cord. If anything it will makemitmeasier for you to sell in the future.
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